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Have you ever had a pet?

i have had 4 dogs
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We've had a couple of family dogs. I've never had my own pet though.

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I have had three dogs, goldfish and Sea Monkeys. I had an ant farm for a few days, but they died very quickly.

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Yeah we have a Labrador and 2 rabbits.
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Honestly I don't know how many its over a hundred.. : /
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We've had quite a few. When I was little we had a pet turtle (briefly), a pet duckling (also briefly - one of my sisters dropped it) plus a few cats and dogs.

More recently two dogs - a labrador and an Australian cattle dog cross. (both gone now) My wife has another labrador. They weren't really my dogs - I bought them for my son and they were totally obsessed with my wife - she has a natural affinity with animals, it's incredible.

If I had a house instead of this flat I'd get 2 labs or maybe 2 Golden Retrievers.
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We've had pets pretty much my whole life. When I was really young my parents kept an aquarium with fish. I think my parents also had a cat when I was a toddler though I don't remember it. Then we got a terrier who was with us throughout my early childhood. I also had a rabbit at one point, though it died when it escaped from its cage. After our first terrier died of old age we got a second one, and soon after that my parents let me get the cat I always wanted. After a few years the cat had kittens, of which I got to keep one. Unfortunately our second terrier died of old age while we were overseas and some of my parents' friends were looking after our pets; soon after that we adopted out the cats because my dad's work got extended and we didn't want to leave them basically alone in our house any longer. Soon after that we bought a chihuahua, who we of course brought back with us when we moved back here. He died of old age a few years ago, so we got our current chihuahua.

It's always been sad to me that pets' lifespans are so much shorter than ours. It was really tough on us to lose our last chihuahua; I think I bonded more with him than any of our other pets over the years. But I'm really glad that we have our current dog; he's helped all of us a lot this year, I think.

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Family had a cat when I was a toddler, I had a rabbit and 2 guinea pigs, lived with two dogs (not mine), now living with my own dog.

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I had some goldfish and a couple of cats.
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One dog and 3 cats. (Not all at once)

Also had a gerbil and some frogs as a little kid. A couple small turtles.

Recently some Betta fish. One lived a year and a half. The others about a year.

Currently petless.

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We have had 6 dogs. 4 of them died too young (months old). Currently have no pets.

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Just a cat, and only when I was "at home". My parents had another cat after that who passed a couple years ago aged 18, so that was a co-pet I guess. I don't want my own pet at my place because I prefer other people's pets - playing with them when I'm at their place or whatever, then leaving. I don't want the responsibility.
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Barbells and kittens
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Many over the years. Two cats currently.
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Several. Two cats, two dogs, several betta fish, a few hamsters, a goldfish and (briefly) an iguana.

The iguana was from a friend who bought it and couldn't tame it. I felt sorry for it so I took it and tried to care for it and tame it but couldn't. It bit me quite a few times and slapped me with it's tail on every opportunity and would often jump out of my hands when I was transferring it from the tank to a box so I could clean the tank. Which it would then promptly run all over the room as fast as it could and hide. Then I'd look all over for it and when I found it, it would try to bite me again and slap me with it's tail again and scurry off to a new hiding place.

I finally took it to the place my friend bought it from and asked them to take it back and they did.

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A few fish and 2 gerbils, also looked after a rabbit for a short while that my mum's workplace (school,) wasn't looking after properly until my aunt took him later. My brother also had pet snails at one point. My dad didn't really want pets so we never had a dog even though my mum likes dogs and neither of my parents like cats (I do. ¬_¬) I probably would have just been really sad if I had a cat and it died though.

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chickens, about 30,

Turkeys about 20,

one cat,

and currently one dog,

I ate some of the chickens, and one of the turkeys,
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Yeah, a dog, a few cats, and some parakeets. But it's been awhile since I've had any.

Setup progress now at 100% capacity.
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3 hamsters and a little Albino Frog. I used to feel so sad for the Hamster stuck in it's cage that I put it in its ball and took it up to the grassy area of a school playing field so it could run freely on the grass.
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When I was in a relationship with someone we had a Leopard Ghecko and a Grass Snake.
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