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Have you ever had a job?

yes i have
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Socializing with myself
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Never had a career or an income before. I filled out tons and tons of job applications, and went to see if I can get a temp job. I just don't fit in with the social category. The selection itself determine to put me outside the social category for jobs.

So, I'm trying community college, since it's extremely complicated to get a job. So damn hard to make any progress.

I try doing hours of surveys online or research studies to make money. It may look like an income though.

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Failure's Art
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Yep. Have had quite a few. Wish I could do something more useful with my time but the rent ain't gonna pay itself.

Everybody knows you only live a day but it's brilliant anyway
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I've had a bajillion jobs.
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Royally F***ed
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I was a manager at a busy retail store for 13 years. I had a job in an art framing store before that, but that only lasted 6 months. Before that all I could get were temp/part-time jobs, like delivering flyers, stuffing envelopes, packing boxes, loading trucks, digging ditches, breaking down and setting up temporary sales outlets, etc. Currently, I'm self-employed. I write and self-publish fiction, nonfiction articles, and do a bit of editing.

My parents kicked me out when I was 18, and I don't qualify for disability, so not working was never an option.

Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there.
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Lots and lots. I saw an ad the other day for fondue - that cheese thing people used to have about a thousand years ago and it reminded me of when I worked in a fondue restaurant as the cook. I can't even believe I did that. I even worked as a spueller (dishwasher) in Germany for a while when I was a kid.

When I was young I used to work in hospitals quite a bit - a couple of times as a theatre orderly/porter. Good place to meet nurses.

When I got older I worked in libraries - lots and lots of them. I even worked for Customs once for a while - I was probably the worst Customs officer they ever had. I was really bad at that.
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♎ Mackinac Island Fanatic
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I've never been able to work.

Never even babysat relatives or managed to sell those stupid class candy bars to my own family.

If I don't reply to you, it's NOTHING PERSONAL. It's my ANXIETY.


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Yes, my SA is situational and doesn't preclude me from working a variety of jobs. Actually getting them is near-impossible though, because interviews are exactly such a situation.
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Jobs but I haven't established a career.
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stickler for paperwork
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I was really afraid about the moment I'd graduate from my degree and be in the position of looking for a job. Studying I could just barely get a grip on enough to graduate, though it was grueling on my self-esteem and social anxiety.
I had tried a few job applications before graduation as practice, and was almost never even phoned. I had landed an internship at a normal company during my studies, but unfortunately they gave me almost no meaningful work that I could put on a resume, so I was back in the starting position when I started looking for a full-time job after school.

I avoided looking for jobs seriously for 6 months after work, taking my mom's credit card for a while, which she didn't even approve of. My self-esteem was at one of its lowest points, I couldn't face up to the reality of a job application process. The lying, the brown-nosing, the being rejected for unnamed reasons, the trying to seem talkative, the having to give test answers on the spot with a salary on the line. I started reading stories about people who just never took jobs their whole lives on this forum. It made me feel pretty bad, but I still didn't look seriously.

I did have a handful of interviews that all went significantly bad. There was one interview I didn't go to because I didn't feel like spending a whole month recovering from shame. I explained that I had anxiety and I backed out. The person emailed me a month later saying he thought I would make a good candidate for his company's actual product, a project course where you land interviews at the end.
My instinct was to say no because it cost $1000 or something like that, and don't these things never work? But then I thought that the only times in my life when I have seen anything through was when I was paying the only pennies I had to do it, like school. I only finished school because so much money had been invested into it already.
I took the course, and I really did work on it, and they started sending interviews my way. I failed a few. One week I expended the most energy I've ever spent fighting social anxiety, and after a 3-step interview on one end, and a 5-step interview on the other, I had 2 offers. I took one. I still feel problems of social anxiety every day and an office is not my ideal setting, but by a lot of measures, it is a good job.
I suffer for long periods of time over some trouble of mine and then it gets too much and I kick myself and get it done over a concentrated, painful period, and then the pain is usually over, at least related to that problem.
Thank god I found the energy, I was sure I wouldn't.

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Gangsta Crayon
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I did an under the table job when I was 23 but it was more like a side job. Made like 300 in one day on some of the jobs I did. Depending on how hard the job was, I got more pay. The pay went by the work I put in, not by the hour. Got lucky through my ex bf being a groundsman but not a job I would want to do for a long time at all cause tree work is considered the most dangerous job. Although, I only worked on the ground but still can be risky. I think I did like 25 jobs total. One time my face got swollen up from getting into poison sumac and it looked terrible for a few days so I didn't go out in public anywhere. Those things weren't worth the pay for me. That and the risk involved. :/

Now, I work as a department manager.
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Unfortunately, yes
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Jobs: Oh you mean those things where you give your money to other people that you've worked for, oh yes I remember those

Worked in a Grocery store
Worked in Retail
Worked at a Strip Club and No I could not touch the women, my then GF worked as a waitress at one (not the one I worked at)
Worked in Security

Not currently working to be honest, hard to find anything, was trying to do logo designing for a while

I m afraid of not being enough
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alien monk
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factory work, data entry, lab assistant/sample prep. currently packing **** part time. what a career.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. ― Mother Teresa
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Originally Posted by SparklingWater View Post
Jobs but I haven't established a career.
That's the same as me. The closest I came to doing that was in Customs - but I can't even believe I applied to work there to start with. I'm so far from being suited to that sort of work it's just unbelievable.

Putting aside the anxiety (and nowadays instability) - I'm terrible at anything that requires me to be serious. And those guys were very serious. They suspect everyone - even each other. God that place was stressful.
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Yes, I didn't have my first job till I was 20.

Warehouse worker job
Factory worker job
Property management office job
Health insurance administration job (where I am now)

The world is quiet here.

"The world...what a glorious place! Seek your dreams, and they will lie stretched out before your eyes. If the endless wind guides your restless spirit, seize it! Raise your flag, and stand tall!"
--One Piece
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ssɐlƃ ƃuᴉʞool ǝɥʇ ɥƃnoɹɥ┴
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My first job was at 13, I worked as a dishwasher at a restaurant and if I recall correctly I made $3.65 an hour. After that I worked at a two different printing presses, several factories, different restaurants, a nursing home, a call center, I was a manager of a hotel once as well as the accountant. I once counted all of the jobs I have had and it was over 30. I've had numerous jobs, in several different fields. I'm currently self employed for uber which is pretty cool, although to be honest I'm only working for the spare money at this time. I'm more or less done working now and am retired and have been since 42. Not that I am rolling around in cash, just the opposite, but I don't need to work now.

Live and let live
"Whoever fights monsters should
see to it that in the process he does not become a
monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss,
the abyss will gaze back into you."


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Yes and no. Fast food is real work but I don't feel like it's a real job because you can't really live on what they pay. I have only had a couple of low wage "jobs" where I worked probably 30 times harder than I got paid.
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Yes, the first ones I had I didn't last very long and I probably looked like a job hopper on paper.

Only within the last couple of years have I found a career I look forward to going to each morning.

The difference between school and the "real world" was such a shock to me. In university, all the resources you need are handed to you - you just have to make use of them.

But in the workforce training is awful and you have to rely mostly on asking questions and messing up. Studying from a book and practicing what you learned are two different things.

Who do you want fixing your sink? The person who read a book, took a multiple choice test and passed or someone who spent hours repairing plumbing fixtures? I know who I would call. "Potential" isn't always enough - employers want to see experience!

John 3:16 (NIV) For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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