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Have you ever googled yourself?

for whatever reason
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Yep and I just did it again now. Fortunately even my Facebook page doesn't come up, must have my security settings the way I want them.
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Yup a long time ago, I didn't come up but other people with my name did, architects, doctors etc or something can't remember.

Edit: Yup 60+ profiles with my name came up between the US, Ireland & England, even got a couple obituaries so I'm ded 😢
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It's depressing. Looks like there's quite a few successful people with my first and last name; they're fairly common.

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Yeah ages ago. All the results are related to me since I'm probably the only person with my first and last name combination.

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I did a long time ago. My full name is rather common, so unlikely it will link to anything personal to me, aside from the whitepages and the "sell your info" sites. Even then, I will only be one among a big bunch. I also barely have any social media presence. The few I have, it has zero tides to my real name.

With the right keywords, you might find something about me, but those will be very general boring info no one cares about. And unless you know me personally, it's unlikely stranger will know the right keywords to search me.

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Google headlines "[My Name] Receives Highest National Award", so I'm happy with that. Guess I should put it on my resume.

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My name isn't common, so the first two results are for my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Then one of the family tree websites I have used is there. There is a school sports website for someone in England with the same name, and the rest are addresses and phone numbers for other people who don't have the same name as me. If I go to Images, there are two photos of men who are supposed to have similar names and two Instagram photos I took.

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I've searched it on a different search engine, which was nerve-wracking. I don't want any presence on the internet under my real name. Thankfully, nothing came up. I don't use google, so I have no idea whether there's something there.
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occasionally, to make sure I'm not being mentioned anywhere. My real name's pretty rare.

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Yeah but just like the other thread (have you googled your user name) - my actual name is about as generic as you can get too

And like the other thread, I like it this way. A couple of my friends have unique names - literally. No-one else in the world has them. That makes them very easy to look up and who wants that?

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i just did, the only thing that comes up is several news stories of an african american who was killed by police..a story that took over social media somewhat recently. a couple of my friends kinda freaked out for a moment because they thought it was me (poor dude has the same name as me) but aside from that, nothing about me comes up.
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Yes, nothing exciting comes up. When you have a common name it is to be expected.

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Nothing comes up for me. Stuff comes up for people with the same name, but nothing for me. I'm a ghost, I have pretty much no internet presence that can be traced back to me. Which is fine by me.

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