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Have you ever been to a funeral?

i have
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Yeah, too many.

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Yes I've been to a few, most were really old relatives but did go to one kind of tragic one when my friend's dad died. He was only in his early 50s.

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Not enough IMO. I love death, but everyone I know is stubbornly holding onto life. People in my family live well into their late 80s and 90s.

I don't get how people become so sad about deaths. When my grandma died at the ripe age of 93, my mother grieved for years afterward whereas I moved on after like 2 days. People get old and die... there is nothing sad about it.
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My dad made me go to his friend funeral when I was a kid. I didn't know what dead means or die means. All I saw was a guy sitting in a coffin with his eyes close. I thought he was asleep for a while. I remember my father telling me one day if I'm scared to die. I thought my father is scared, because he doesn't know what happens next.

The death looks randomly out of place, because I remember visiting my father friend and he was very talkative.

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Too many to count.
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Only two that I can recall, my grandma 10 years ago and my grandpa last month. Helps to not know anyone.

They weren't particularly sad affairs, since everybody saw it coming for a while and they were quite old.

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Yeah 3, grandmother in 1995, father in 2002, family friend 2011.

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I’ve been to five, but one was only the burial and not the service (my grandmother when I was six).

Friend/neighbour in 2005, aunty in 2008, uncle in 2011 and aunty in 2015.

Me and my sister had to find the songs that were played for our friend/neighbour (Unforgettable and Mona Lisa by Nat King Cole) and they were hard to find on one CD. We didn’t listen to them before the funeral, where we found out they had clapping at the end. No one said anything about it. I’m sure she wouldn’t have minded.

The first aunty was buried crookedly. We bought a nice bunch of flowers for her kids, and my mum wasn’t happy because they were $60 and everyone’s flowers got torn apart so people could throw them onto the coffin, including our ones.

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Unfortunately, yes
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lol, didn't notice there was a complementary thread to the wedding one.

I've been to a bunch of funerals, I think. The only one that had any relevance was probably my grandmother's. I remember people being awkward and having awkward conversations though. Pretty boring and meaningless, especially if you have to be the one looking sad for a couple of hours.

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How many have I been to is the question?

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I have been to two in my life so far. The first was a funeral for a neighbor when I was 9. He got crushed in a metal crushing machine at the founder where he worked. He was inside it working on it and some idiot didn't know he was inside it and turned it on. I was real sad. I liked him a lot. I considered him and his wife as Grandparents. His wife was a school teacher and tutored me a lot. The second funeral was for my actual Grandfather when I was 15 which I wasn't as sad due to I didn't spend much time around him. My dad tried to stay away from his family because they were all dysfunctional. I did felt bad for my Grandmother and happy for her at the same time. He treated her like crap. She was a very nice person. After a few days she seemed more happy for not having to wait on him hand and foot. She went out and got another dog and some cats which she always wanted but he wouldn't let her.

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I have been to four. My best friend's brother died at the age of eleven. Tripped and fell in a walking holiday in the Alps. They were/are like a second family to me so that one really, really, hurt and still does seventeen years later. He was an amazing kid. Talented footballer. Talented at music. Super bright. Strong religious faith. Caring. A happy, bubbly kid. He could have been anything if he had lived. If. The world breaks my heart sometimes.

It would be five but my Nana died during this pandemic and travel restrictions meant I couldn't attend her funeral. Me, my parents and my sisters had our own little send off for her on zoom though if that counts.

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Yes, I didn't go to my first one till I was in high school

Great Grandma
Step grandpa

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