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Yes 14 93.33%
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Have you ever been locked out of your home?

I have
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Yeah. Once I slammed the door behind me I realized it was locked and I didn't have the key. Went over to neighbor behind me and they let me use their phone to call my dad to come to unlock it.

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Yes but luckily my neighbor saw I was locked out and knew how to pick locks and got me back in.

I was like thanks for getting me back in but not sure how comfortable I feel living right across the hall from someone who knows how to picks locks and can just get into my apt basically anytime he wants lol. He wasn't a locksmith or anything so I don't know where he learned to pick locks. He was some kind of professional cook but who knows what he was up before he went to culinary school.

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Yes, but I mostly only remember when I got locked out of somewhere I stayed with my sister a few years ago. It was the first day there, and I was tired. I tried every key twice (there were about eight keys) and none worked, so I thought one must be broken. It was a hot day, so it was getting annoying. Then I realised I was trying to unlock the wrong door on the wrong side of the house, and the door I thought was locked had been open the whole time and my sister was wondering where I was.

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I don't lock my front door. At the lobby entrance, there's always people coming in and out so I just have to wait a bit.
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Not very many times. The few times it happened were frustrating enough that it convinced me to spend a few bucks on extra keys and a little creativity on where to put them.
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That's what a credit card is for.

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On New Year's Day, the day we'd moved in to our new place. I didn't realize that it was a self-locking door, because I'd never seen one before, and we went outside to cool off after moving everything in and the door closed and locked itself behind us. I had to call a locksmith and pay double because it was a holiday. And we had to wait like two hours outside in the snow without our coats. Needless to say, everyone was really happy with me.

Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there.
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Yes and I resent the fact that I have to deal with the hassle of having keys and passwords/codes for everything because some people choose to be criminals.
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According to the poll, I'm the only one who's never locked myself out. I have to take my keys with me in order to lock the door behind me, so I'd have to somehow drop my keys somewhere, which is unlikely.

It did happen with my car once though, easier to lock keys in there. Embarrassingly, it was while I was looking at a potential apartment and I had to ask the manager to borrow her phone to call a professional since it was pre-cellular.

Originally Posted by truant View Post
I didn't realize that it was a self-locking door, because I'd never seen one before
Self-locking doors must've been invented by locksmiths to drum up business. Thankfully I haven't encountered one yet.

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Use to often growing up. My mom will intentionally "accidentally" locked me out with the door latch out of passive aggression. As a way to punish me for going out late. She did that to my sister, brother and dad a lot too. Although my sister and my dad usually have other alternative places to sleep over easily when my mom does pulled that on them.

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Literally happened when I came back home the other day. I think I might've left my key in an uber or a hotel room and didn't realise until I got home.

I climbed up to the balcony and tried to break in through that door, then my neighbour heard someone trying to break in so they came outside to check. Then they helped me break in through one of the windows instead which was a way cheaper alternative lol

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As a child, yeah. Was playing with a cat that used to come at our door. Had to stay with the neighbors' for a while until my mom came back.

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Lots of times. Once my partner locked us out at 6am, I was in my nightrobe. It was really cold so I had to wake up my neighbours (I'd never even met them before). They made us tea and we sat in their living room until it wasn't dark out anymore. Then I climbed the fence between our gardens and luckily my partner had left the garden door unlocked so I could get in (as it might be evident by now, he's absent-minded).

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Couple of times. One time when my boy was still little - I lifted him up so he could climb through a window and open a door for us.

And then again a few years ago in a fancy private hotel I was living in. I locked the door to my room after I'd had a shower but I just had to call and someone came and opened it up for me. Still gave me a bit of a fright though.
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That is why I have hidden a key in a secret place.
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Years ago, when I got home at 1 in the morning, my door key cracked in half as I tried to unlock the door -- the second half was stuck in the keyhole. I went to the bus station (NYC) to use the pay phone -- yeah, that long ago -- but it was useless calling directory assistance without having a locksmith name. Plus, was needing to use the john, but the bus station's restroom closed at midnight!
So the next thing was to go over the the police station-- maybe they would let me look at a phone book to find a number. I was about to enter the building, when I saw one of those round stickers on the door -- Emergency Locksmith -- I figured they are likely rouges, but I called anyway.
To cut a longer story short, I ended up with a brand new Multi Lock installed, and at least it seems to be working well, years later....(I am literally knocking on wood this moment). The downside is that I was out nearly $900 in cash.
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Home no, my room once, it wasn't a very strong door anyway so I rammed it with my shoulder to open, then found the key later after I broke the door <a href="http://www.socialanxietysupport.com/forum/images/smilies/46.gif" border="0" alt="" title="" >:-)</a>

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A week before the lockdown I was locked out of my home, because my key fall out of my wallet.

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Yes. I pulled the door shut while taking out the trash. The key was inside.
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