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No but my mom did, but didn't have symptoms of it at the time. I was sick with a weird flu like thing a while back though, which could have been it.
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No, and even when I contemplated chances were that they'd tell me that my symptoms were not severe enough. This was in February - early March.
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Yes I was tested, negative. And because I traveled internationally just before the ban was introduced.
I thought if I donít have it I might acquire it from being in the room as all these other people that are getting tested and might have it.
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Just had a test a while ago - Jesus it feels horrible. It's like they're putting a poker up into your brain. (twice) Really nice.
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I was tested last week. Due to working at Mental Health they allowed us to be tested when not exhibiting symptoms. They have a drive up testing on the MTU campus. Just made an appointment, drove up, they stick a swab into my nose up to my brain, and drove off. Got my results a couple days later saying I was negative.

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I haven't been tested and I don't really see the point if one is not feeling symptoms unless I guess though maybe if you knew for certain you were exposed to someone who tested positive. In my area now anyone who wants to be tested can get tested at a Rite Aid, you don't need to have symptoms but you do need to register first. They have you do the test yourself at the drive thru. So I guess it's the newer test that's not as uncomfortable but is it as accurate as the old one?

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No, but I probably should. I was pretty ill most of Feb with some sort of virus that hit me pretty hard.
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Yes, it was one of the more unpleasant examinations I've had to take. Just remembering the senastion makes me a bit queasy.

Luckily I tested negative. With any more luck I won't be due for another one.

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Isn't it a bit early to worry about that at 7 years old?
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I have had the test of time. I haven't been anywhere so it would be unlikely I'd get it. My dad has been out a few times but I probably never get closer than about 8 feet to anyone in here and stay in my room with the door shut most of the time.

My mom would be more likely to get it from him since they sleep in the same bed. She hasn't been anywhere either. I tried to talk her into getting separate beds for them when she came out of the hospital and was complaining he tosses and turns too much. She wouldn't listen.

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No. I did have a cough for 3 weeks in March but I didn't have any other symptoms. Wasn't a horrible cough but it lingered on. I might have had a fever a day or two but I don't own a thermometer, so can't say for sure. Good luck finding a thermometer now that isn't 3 times the normal price. And at the time they would only test people who were having severe symptoms, like difficulty breathing.
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