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Have you been out of your home country this year?

Yes or no?
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I had been planning on going on a trip back in March but we decided to cancel our plans when covid happened, and a good thing too because the border got closed and left people stranded. At this point I don't think I will be doing any travelling this year besides some local stuff.
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No. Would love to visit other countries though, especially a certain one, where I have relatives along with someone I care about too. Need money for that first haha.

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I haven't even been out of town this year.

I think the last time I was out of the country was the early Nineties. I've only ever visited just inside the Canadian and Mexican borders on day trips. A crappy mall and a crappy market.

Travel has never been a real option for me, even before the pandemic.

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Nope. Corona killed all plans.
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Nope but to be fair, I wasn't planning on leaving Canada this year anyway. I'm too broke - I can't even afford to go to the next province.
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No. There are a lot of places I'd love to visit, but I'm not able to.
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I went across the border into the States once back in the 90s. Only time I've ever left the province. Never had the money to travel, and my parents never took us anywhere when I was a kid.

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Yes, I went to another country
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Well it's not really the year for it is it? But no not since 2015 I think. My brother was planning on going to France with his friend to visit his friend's parents and brother for some birthday thing but they decided not to at the last minute (that was in March.)
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Yep, went to the UK. Feels surreal that it happened during this chaotic year
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No way Jose - and it's very annoying. Now I have to resort to Youtube videos and looking up hotels on booking.com. God it's exciting.

Btw - I think we should rename you king of the pollsters.
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No. A few times in the past but this year is a big no-no. Not that I had any plans to leave this country anyways.
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