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has corona ruined sleeping pattern

Been staying up late since lockdown now have to change for work cba
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Yes! My sleeping schedule is all messed up. Iím pretty much all over the place with when I sleep and get up. Itís really difficult trying to adjust to a more routine work schedule.
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My sleeping cycle has always been messed up. Being forced to wake up at 9am is hell for me. Absolute hell. My body fights it every step of the way. I have chronic jet lag due to being forced to follow the evil morning people's demands. And now my sleep quality is getting even poorer with age. I feel out of it for half the day.
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Normally I would go to sleep around 3am and get up on 9am, depending on my schedule. If I have a early meeting that I need to call into (8:30am) I will go to sleep around 2:15am and be up by 8:15am.

Recently, with working from home, I have been getting to bed around 6am and trying to wake up by 10:30am....shifting it back 90 minutes for meetings. I have found my self then taking two and three hour naps in the afternoon.

Then there was that night when I had that three hour nap (12-3pm) and was up until 1:30pm the next afternoon!

So yeah, my sleep is messed up and it has only gotten bad in the past week or so for some reason (playing games on my phone).

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Doesn't take much to ruin my sleeping pattern, 2 weekend nights will do it, my natural sleeping cycle seems to be go to bed between 1-3am get up between 9-11 am

My current job I have to be up around 5am & that means go to bed around 9-10pm, getting up at 5 is hell for me & I'm mostly half asleep for 4 or 5 hours afterwards, but it's a healthier sleeping pattern I'd imagine so I try to stick with it.

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i been lockdown since 2012

no see any person

no gym, obesity creeps. essentials. cannot get food without mask.

world upside-down, [STAFF EDIT]

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It has to an extent, but not because I really had a working change. It's just I have a bad habit of staying on the computer until like 11 PM and then I get in bed and listen to music on my phone before I realize it's after midnight. Last night I did a little better and turned it off at 1 AM which is still too late, but earlier than the last few weekends.

I prefer to wake up early on the weekends when I'm not working. But I tend to not wake until 8 on the weekends and then if I stay in bed for an hour or two it's already 9, 10 AM and feels like a day wasted.
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My sleeping pattern has always been batsh*t insane, all the way back to high school.

Can't fall asleep at night then when I do I wake up in the middle of the night then fall asleep again only to wake up an hour before my alarm goes off. Either that or I just don't fall asleep until 3 or 4 AM and then wake up in a damn frenzy when my alarm goes off at 7, nearly destroy the thing trying find it and turn if off in my half-asleep panic and then promptly fall back asleep again within minutes and repeat this like 3 or 4 times until I can finally get out of bed.

9 AM start times feel like some kind of conspiracy to me. Just feel unnatural to try and be productive then. My brain doesn't turn on until like noon.

But yeah I think my sleep pattern has gotten even worse since Covid and permanent WFH. Only getting limited exercise these days doesn't help either.

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Nah, it’s always been messed up.

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Work structures have been much more flexible and slow in many ways. So I've been also less structured with my schedule as way. Although I've always been a night owl regardless, so it's not like my sleep patterns aren't fu.cked up in the first place.

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It's just as messed up as it was before.
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