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Has anyone ever mispronounced your name?

mine hasnt
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Non-native born Americans sometimes mispronounce my name.

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only as retaliation for mispronouncing theirs

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Not accidentally. I've had some people do it on purpose as a form of being rude. Which was obnoxious of them.

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Nobody has ever mispronounced my first name, and very few people have correctly pronounced my last name.

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Someone said my first and last name fast once and made it sound like Disco Ball.

My first name isn’t mispronounced, but my last name has been pronounced like there was an “ee” sound.

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Not my given name. But everyone mispronounces my new name. Not sure why.

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Oh yeah it used to happen all the time with my first name. With my last name they didn't so much mispronounce it as assume it's a much more common South Asian surname that is spelt vaguely similar (my surname is pronounced as it's spelt though, in a way intuitive for English speakers. Just read the word that's there lol. Although in saying that sometimes it would be wrong on paper too.) I'm not Asian either lol but I guess they could have assumed I was mixed race or something or adopted I dunno.

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Yes, I've had teachers read my first name as the female version out in class/training courses etc a couple times when I was younger as it looks similar at a glance, so that always got laughs & unwanted attention, it's also not pronounced exactly how it's spelled, worded out etc, there's silent letters, but that was mainly non native English speakers again.

My surname read as its spelled is not the correct pronunciation either, that happened a time or 2, mainly with people where English wasn't there first language though.

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It's fairly common for people to mispronounce my surname, I've had a few variations on it. No big deal.
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ya, often.
I never used my last name at school because my mom hated how no one could pronounce it right.

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Definitely. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure how my last name is pronounced as far as the proper, original language pronunciation. Even considering that, people usually get wrong the way I believe it probably is pronounced and the way I pronounce it.
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