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View Poll Results: Do you use your blinker?
Always, useful tool 42 79.25%
Usually, sometimes forget or don't bother 11 20.75%
Never, I rely on other drivers mind reading abilities 0 0%
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Scary how many are on their phones. I'm up high enough to see in everyone's vehicles and it's really common now. That's usually why they aren't paying attention.

And yeah, Atlanta is ridiculous. You pretty much have to go 10mph over the speed limit or you'll be going dangerously slow and even then people blow by you on both sides like you're sitting still.
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I always use mine, I get so ticked off at people who just slam on breaks and turn in somewhere without a blinker OMGRUD >_<

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currently having an issue with a car where they radio cuts out if I use the blinker so I use it less in that one.

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Of course. It's a personal peeve of mine when others don't use theirs... Even when in turn lanes. There's no excuse to not use them except laziness, and you gotta be pretty effing lazy to not take your hand off the steering wheel for a literally 2 seconds.
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If I'm not the first or last car in a left turn lane, I may not. In a parking lot, I may not indicate if there's no other cars moving nearby. On a familiar wide street with no other cars around I've also been known to forego it.

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Yes. It's not there for a person's convenience, it is to let the other drivers on the road know what you are doing. So many idiots I know treat it as if it's optional. Drives me mad. It's up there with getting blasted with someone's high beams, running stop signs, turning into the wrong lane, stopping in the middle of the road, parking illegally, and all the other things morons do driving around here on a daily basis.

They really ought to stop letting some foreigners from ****ed up driving cultures use their home licenses around here.
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I get irate when i see people not use them..and it's super prevalent, it feels

It's just a huge sign of people being self centered only caring about themselves and noone around them. or theyre just ****ing stupid

Like, just because i'm not in the lane right next to you doesnt mean your positioning doesnt affect me down the line. Or if you change one lane without signalling, how the **** am I supposed to know if you need room to go more lanes?

**** those people...

oh i guess i already posted in here lol

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