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Do you keep in touch with people from school?

Yes or no?
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Not really. I get dinner once a year with a couple girls I knew from high school, and I still text with my best friend from those days. I mutually follow a few others on social media.

Not exactly close friendships, but there is something to be said about having known each other half our lives I guess.
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No. lol I'm sure I'm autistic so no one liked me in HS.
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I tried keeping in touch with a few after they'd moved away, but eventually they stopped writing to me. (Which is especially perplexing, because they all reached out to me first.) Now that I'm online (and until recently had a public Facebook), none have ever shown any interest in getting/keeping in touch either, not even the closest friend I ever had. I guess they meant a lot more to me than I meant to them. :/

Whenever anybody talks about their childhood/lifelong friends it's a foreign concept to me because none of my IRL "friendships" lasted outside the school environment, and even then for only several years, tops. I'm forgettable.

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No not the majority of them, I do still keep in contact with some friends of mine from school and we hang out once in a while, like having a board game night or something.
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No. Some of them wanted to get in touch with me a while ago on Facebook and asked my sister to get me to ease my security on there so they could contact me. It's too long ago - it feels like several lifetimes.
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Yeah, still close mates with about 8 from school, see or speak to them regualarly

Tell 'em who the **** I am

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No. I did have one friend from high school I still hung out with occasionally and he just suddenly stopped talking to me about three years ago.
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