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I got my licence as soon as I was old enough - 17 here. We lived out in the suburbs and there wasn't a way in the world that I was going to stay out there - or get the train etc. I needed to go out and get to the city etc. I've always liked driving - although I liked it more when I was young and had a manual car that you could really drive. Nowadays you sort of just steer and point it in the right direction.
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No, but I started up lessons again this year and hopefully will book a test soon before the roads start getting icy. Around 2013 I had a bad experience on the test and failed and it put me off from rebooking. Unintentionally I ended up not driving for years and just got used to using public transport or getting lifts. I wish I’d not left it so long though, I like driving.

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I got my license at 16, so it was a couple of years ago. I felt pressured as many people here think you need to start driving the moment you are of age, but driving is seriously so stressful. i got into a car accident a few months ago, and lost my car, so now I rely on public transportation haha
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Yes I kinda had too if I was ever gonna work or do anything, passed at 17, we have a very poor inclement climate here most of the time near the Atlantic ocean on the Western edge of Europe & mountainous terrain & I live out in the country away from public transport, I currently work 30 miles away so damned if I'm gonna ride a bike 30 miles up the side of a mountain at 6am in maybe snow or wind & rain.

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Yes I have one but it has been many years since I have driven. Currently in therapy and trying to tale baby steps to get back to the point of wanting to drive. Honestly, I do not want to do it (forcing myself to try though because I want to move to another city) and I never really liked driving when I did it, only got my license because I had to drive to college. I struggle with situations I cannot control and driving is one where I can control what I do but I canít control others, traffic, road conditions, the weather ( a big one here since from October-April it could snow at any moment due to the lakes) and that is something I donít think I can overcome.
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I got my license when I was 18. Couldn't get into the drivers ed class in HS due to the teacher said it was always full which was BS. He Was also the basketball couch and was mad at me for not going out for the team so he punished me for not allowing me into drivers ed. He went to the same school as my dad and they both played basketball at that school and my dad was the star player so he thought I would be too. I just waited until I was 18. Took the written test and then had to take a on the road test which I flunked the first time but that lady always flunked everyone. I then went to another drivers license office and passed it with flying colors.

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Yep, but I got it kinda late and wasted a load of money on rideshare apps in that time. It certainly changed a lot for me and opened up some freedoms I hadn't had before. Felt anxious at first of course, but overcame that after the first several weeks, I'd say.

So if anything, I'm only left wishing I'd gotten it sooner.

Originally Posted by Ominous Indeed View Post
Isn't it a bit early to worry about that at 7 years old?
Originally Posted by Chevy396 View Post
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Originally Posted by Kevin001 View Post
Inspiring you were able to overcome it later in life .
I wish I had gotten it a long time ago. I always had my parents drive. My father rarely drives anymore so I take him to his doctor's appointments, shopping or to the airport when he visits my brother.
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Originally Posted by ravens View Post
I wish I had gotten it a long time ago. I always had my parents drive. My father rarely drives anymore so I take him to his doctor's appointments, shopping or to the airport when he visits my brother.
Hey at least you finally got it and driving. Inspires me to get better at driving. Plus 48 is still young .

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yea but i havent driven in over a year. its stupidly expensive to buy a car here, most people have to take a loan unless they are rich or buy their car in their 30s.

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Got my driver's license at age 16. Been driving pretty much everyday since. I like driving. It's about the only thing that relaxes me. Lately, my car has been giving me fits with breakdowns though.
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Yes. I got mine at 17. We don't have public transportation here so you really couldn't get around without a car, unless you were within walking distance to everything.

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I've been driving for 42 years now. I love driving. I always thought I was a good driver, but now I'm having my doubts. There's something about my memory and cognition that seems to confuse me at 4-way stops. If there are several cars approaching a stop, I'll lose track of who's turn it is to go. I've never run into anyone, but have had a few horns blown at me. Ditto for roundabouts.

Fortunately in the US, most intersections are controlled or the signage is clear enough to follow who has right-of-way. I've driven in Europe a couple times and its nerve-wracking as I'm not quite sure what's going on with traffic circles. America is a country that is easy to drive in, so thinking you are good driver here isn't really saying much.

I have taught myself to drive a manual shift this past year. I'd truly love to learn to drive a car on a race track, but I don't think people like me do that. I see guys at garages and car shows and the like and they are a gregarious, outgoing sort...or at least not painfully shy. I've always just done things on my own, so this will never happen. I like to think I could talk cars with people, but the fact is that I don't really know much since I don't talk with people. The sum of my experiences is just what I've personally done or with cars I've owned. I'm envious of people who have tried out all kinds of cars or owned 10s or 100s of cars, folks who work on them with their friends or belong to car clubs. I watch car shows on TV or YouTube and I used to think I'd be able to have some of those someday, but time is closing in on my life and I feel I am becoming less capable, physically and mentally. In 20 years, I'll need someone to drive me around.

So yes, I drive. Its one of the few normal things I do and forget all the other stuff I'm limited at. Now I'm feeling that will be going away before I know it.
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Yup...though I lost it for three months last year as I got an IRP!
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I never wanted one. I thought I didn't need it because I walked everywhere and I think I actually thought I wasn't worthy or not a member of the "life" that all the other kids were living in their excitement and ambition for it. Here I was 18 thinking I was old and getting my license late in life, while thinking the whole idea was stupid. I got my license anyway. It's worth getting. It is a burden to drive, but it will also serve you in this society. It's nothing to be afraid of, it's just a thing that you stop caring about as soon as you get it, and immediately start caring about again as soon as you lose it. # if you happen to do something that causes you to lose it.
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Yes, and a reminder for me that it's due for renewal in a few days too. -$$$
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Yes I do man.
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I don't have one, and struggling/desperate so much to get one, it is crazy expensive here especially for some one like my who is not familiar with the official languages I need to get a translator for all the steps. Plus need a car to practice so more expenses there.
The public transport is not improving anymore and I cant see EU/Belgium putting efforts anymore on improving either.

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Yup, I do.

Miles to go before I sleep. Vale.

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Got my car license when I was 16. Went for my motorcycle license last year and I should have my full license if I pass early next year.
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