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View Poll Results: Do You Ever Get Holes In Your Socks?
Yes 22 57.89%
No 6 15.79%
Sometimes 9 23.68%
I don’t wear socks 1 2.63%
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Do You Get Holes In Your Socks?

I’ve never had a hole in my socks, but some people can buy new ones and get holes in them almost straight away.

Do you get holes in your socks? Do you wear them on their own or always with shoes?

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I wear them alone, and with shoes.

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It happen to me a lot, and I wear them inside not just with shoes. Unless it's really hot or I'm sleeping I'm always wearing socks.

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Yes, I wear poor quality socks mostly, I have a couple pairs of the fancier no extra hole ones.

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Usually. Always in the heel. I've heard some people get holes in the toes, I can't recall that ever happening.

I wear socks without shoes in the winter, not in the summer.

Annoyingly tight stretchy socks seem immune to holes, which is counter to my intuition.

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In my experience, most socks only get holes in them many months/years after the fabric became very, very thin in certain pressure points. Like you know the hole is going to happen, it's just a matter of time.

At home I never wear shoes or socks. Always barefoot. At work while I sit at my desk- about 1/3 of the time maybe- I'll sit cross legged and take off my shoes. I like my feet to be free and unrestricted.

Recently. One of these had a hole in them from the get go. But overall I like the socks. 6 pairs for $11.....I'm not going to complain.
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I sometimes get holes in the toes of socks - I just throw them away and buy another pair. Or wear other ones I have.

I tend to get a bit lazy (actually also a bit obsessive) about wearing the same thing over and over. (I wash everything regularly though) Every now and then I'll have a look in my wardrobe and find all this stuff I bought ages ago. My wife tells me I should wear some of the other things, so I try to.

I don't usually wear socks without shoes at home. I like the feeling of something under my feet, so I usually wear slippers in the winter ( I'm old, I know) or thongs in the summer.
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I rarely get holes in my socks, but I consistently get holes in my pants. I have a massive rotation of socks so there's less individual wear and tear.
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shape U holes?

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Sometimes. Although I have over like 70 pairs of socks from hoarding, still got several bags I brought years ago I never opened. So it takes a long time for any of my socks to get worn out since I rotate the evenly. I still remembered buying over 30 pairs of Winnie the Pooh ones when they were on bulk discount from some online deal a long time ago. I'm so wasteful.

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Mainly the heels of my work boots decimate socks!
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What do you mean you don't get holes in your socks? So do you not have any reason to throw them out then? Do you just keep the same socks for the rest of your life??
I do get holes in them, not straight away, but after a few months to a few years, depending on quality and how often I wear them. I don't wear shoes at home, but I always wear socks
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I do but in defense of my socks, I do abuse them by wearing the same ones all the time until they can't take it anymore and protest by sacrificing their heels. I have the good fortune (or curse, depending on how you look at it) of not having sweaty feet so my socks don't get smelly if I wear the same ones. I don't like the feeling of having my feet in socks when I'm inside so I only wear them when I go somewhere.

I don't like to fight with my mother over buying a pack of socks so I make one pair last as long as possible. I can't remember the last time I bought socks but I'm sure she does.

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No. I wear big and tall socks for size 15/16.

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I get holes in all my socks. I get holes in the heel first, then the toe. Then I turn them over and get holes on the opposite side. Then I turn them halfway and get holes on a third side, until there's practically nothing left of the sock. Then I throw them out. I can't afford to buy socks, so that happens to all of them eventually. I just threw out a pair yesterday.

I typically wear more than one pair of socks at a time. Not only because my house is always freezing, but because my feet are an odd size and I have to buy my shoes a little big. Two layers of socks makes them comfortable.

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... the holes ...... the holes ....
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I think I've gotten to the point where I always wear socks.

I think the only time I don't wear them is during the summer while in bed.

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I havent worn a hole in many socks. A couple, but they came down to bad shoes and bad boots. When I was a teen I wore a pair of Nikes until the soles were falling off the shoes. Literally flopping as I walked. I hadn't had them long. two years maybe? They disintegrated and I kept wearing them. Thanks Nike.
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Originally Posted by Dispatch View Post
... the holes ...... the holes ....
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holes in the toes. those ones were probably too small. I'm on the cusp of the sizes I guess. the bigger ones feel too loose. I patched a few of them but hand stitching takes forever so I gave up on that idea and finally bought some new ones.

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