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Do you feel more lethargic in hot weather?

My bedroom really holds in the heat/humidity whenever summer weather gets warm (old British houses were all designed precisely to keep heat in), and there is absolutely no convenient space to put a fan. Think it certainly does make me feel somewhat more lethargic than I would at other times, perhaps because it's usually accompanied with high humidity. Can't really imagine what it must be like to live in a truly hot country, but there you may have dry not humid heat/air conditioning, ceiling fans or whatever.

It's impossible to say how much the weather has actually changed over the decades, but do remember wandering around central London in summer 2006 (which had a very hot spell) and thinking (in rather a daze) that it felt more like Athens (in Greece) than most traditional British summers. When I first went on holiday to Greece (Corfu and the mainland coast opposite it, to be precise) with my parents in the early 90s, remember I nearly got heatstroke one afternoon because had presumably experienced nothing like it. Don't know whether the difference in intensity of heat between the UK and Greece would be much less nowadays.

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We over-AC everything here, so it isn't a big issue. I kind of like hot and humid weather, more so when I was a kid. I think I have more problems with lethargy and mental inertia during the late winter months particularly when the sun seems to disappear in January and February. I have never been to Greece. I am kind of jealous.
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Extremes of both make me lethargic I guess. Well, the heat definitely makes me feel worn out. But the freezing cold temps make me feel too cold to move.
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Depends. If I am stuck indoors in the heat, then Yes.

If I am outdoors, out and about, then No. The heat makes me more energetic and motivated.

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Yes. Although if the heat is constant, I can find a way to 'work' with it. I have this crackpot theory that the sunlight in the UK (and some other places) has been getting a lot more fierce these last years. It burns before it warms. Maybe it's to do with the climate crisis. And hot, humid weather is terrible. In Egypt, the dry heat doesn't leave me with my clothes sticking to my body. In Thailand, it's hot and humid, but there's frequent rainfall to cool the air off. In England I struggle.

Then again, if it's cold, I start to hibernate : D

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yeah sure

indoors is worse though, at least outside you can find some shade or get nice breeze.
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Yeah not only that but I get really sick sometimes and almost pass out during the summer months. Hot weather is just disgusting to me.

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I feel lethargic pretty much all the time. The weather makes no difference in how lethargic I feel. As far as comfort, I would rather deal with hot weather than cold weather because even without AC, hot weather is (usually) tolerable with a fan. Which a fan takes very little electricity to run. In the Winter, my room either gets too hot or too cold, depending on whether or not I open the vent. If I open the vent, my parents run the furnace until it's 85 degrees in here. If I close it, it gets freezing cold in here and I have to run a space heater.

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I think I probably do - heat can be very draining, especially when it's humid as well. Need air-con for that.
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Absolutely. I've always run really hot; my ideal temperature is right about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. When it's cold I can put on a hoodie and do whatever I need to do, but when it's hot you can only take off so much, and I get overheated really easily. This triple-digit heat is way too much for me to handle.

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Yeah but it has a positive effect usually on my mood so there's that.

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When it's in the 100's yes
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When it hits 83 F indoors (that's usually upper 90s outdoors), that's where I seem to get sleepy in the middle of my day. Although, ironically, it's also the temperature at which it becomes too hot to actually get to sleep easily.

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I dont like the hot nights. We generally dont have AC in England, but I have a fan that does nothing much.

Friday night I had two ice packs on my back in bed. I have also put a big towel in a sink of cold water, squeeze some out a bit, and put that over me for the night.

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