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No 21 65.63%
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Do you ever walk around your home naked?

Yes or no?
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Not A Low Calorie Food
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No way. I'm naked in the shower and when I'm changing clothes and that's it. I have never been one of those people who enjoys being naked unnecessarily. And my closet doors are mirrored. I really do not need that kind of a lesson in the laws of gravity.

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Yes but not as often anymore. One side of my place is almost full glass (like a diorama) so the neighbours on that side can technically see everything I'm doing whether I'm lying in bed or washing dishes in the kitchen. I suspect the way light hits the windows makes it hard to see anything besides a reflection, but honestly I'm not sure. We've been in talks to install curtains for a while now but it would be a lot of work.

When I lived in a place with more privacy, I'd regular strut around in just my underwear especially when it's hot.
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After I shower if there's no-one else around I might go from the bathroom to my room to get clothes without a towel but it's just a little bit down a hall, other than that, no.

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Sometimes, yeah. Just for short periods. And the bathroom door is always open when I use the toilet.
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i really enjoy being able to walk around like this.
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Im naked for about 1/3 of every day everyday.

This is because I wear nothing at all when in bed and sleeping. I have not one set of PJs at all. . And obviously naked for getting squeaky clean.

Actually walking around the house naked, I don't see what the point would be and how it's even comfortable. I mean, it feels weird and stupid for a start. Ever sat in a leather sofa naked? It's like you're a sticker peeling yourself off from a sticky card. It would even make that unsticking sound as you got off the sofa. :/ So that's weird, disgusting, and uncomfortable. I don't want to feel my bare feet sticking to the floor and getting dirty either.

What of a delivery guy comes to the door? You answer nude and get arrested after he complains you indecently exposed on him? So you scramble around looking for something to put on to answer the door after he's knocked it, and by the time you get half dressed, he's gone and put a stupid "sorry, I missed your delivery" card and you've missed the parcel?

Being naked when you could do the same activities clothed is actually weirdly uncomfortable even if you're by yourself. I completely see the point. And also, it's just a cue for ending up feeling a bit randy even if you didn't plan to because most of the time you don't see your sexy bits out all the time. So no.

Sleeping naked is brilliant, tho. It's so amazingly comfortable.

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If it's hot, sure. Usually underwear though.

Originally Posted by KILOBRAVO View Post
What of a delivery guy comes to the door? You answer nude and get arrested after he complains you indecently exposed on him? So you scramble around looking for something to put on to answer the door after he's knocked it, and by the time you get half dressed, he's gone and put a stupid "sorry, I missed your delivery" card and you've missed the parcel?
They don't even knock or make the slightest sound here anymore, the delivery companies exclusively employ ninjas to leave boxes by the door.

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alien monk
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I have flatmates so no

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Not since I was a kid. When I was very young (like 4 or 5), I used to get up in the middle of the night when everyone else was sleeping and run around the house naked. I have no idea why, though.

These days, I would never impose my hideous topography on anyone, including myself, inadvertently. I didn't even get undressed in front of my gfs.


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Born Of Blotmonađ
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your dads girlfriend
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No, the walls don’t want to see that

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all time. √

no person ever see me.

no reason dress up. cutting my hair for comfort only.

eczema! reason i lose jobs? don't think so.

filthy carpet since i owned this home 2001. barefoot always

hate whole ritual/rigmarole of clothing. procedure! from bed 6am. brek, shower, suit for office, driving/train. hate socks! sandals, t-shirt, shorts, winter!
relief of undressing at home. whole layers.. no underwear? belts.. never yet any braces. sallopettes/dungarees for sailing/snowboarding

all GFs here, no clothes.

how long or short, a local town journey, wheels, all clothes on, off, socks! or 2 hours plus to work and back, unwrap! Sundays laundry, ironing in good times. later times shoddy. no suit. sordid foot sole, gathering all dust..

student rough mode, low end lifestyle. like that again after age 30. messy home?
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Yes, I like just being naked when I can. Unfortunately that's not very often, as my parents unequivocally associate nudity with sex and so could never approve. I probably wouldn't be comfortable being naked around them anyway. I like being naked when I'm in my room alone, except most of the year it's too cold -- even during the summer, because all the cool air from the air conditioner pools down here.

I've slept naked since I was about 18 though; I can't even fall asleep with clothes on anymore.

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Oh no, I try to be naked as little as possible.

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no but i should. i don't live w/ anyone

The world is quiet here.

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drifting in mist
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Nope not even when I'm alone.
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No, I'm too self conscious even when I'm alone.
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Sadly i was raised very religious so being naked was frowned upon. And as an adult now, I'm too self conscious and i have big windows with hundreds of people walking by each day. I often go shirtless and boxers though.

What is a man?
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experimental sincerity
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Occasionally? It's strategically uncomfortable because of the kitchen window looking out at the neighbours' yard/kitchen window. And I live up north so it's not very warm. But sometimes it's nice, just for the novelty of it.

When I lived elsewhere my partner walked around the flat naked and neighbours called the cops because of 'indecent exposure'. Some people are just weird.

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