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Did you go to College?

Yes or no
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Yes but I didn't graduate.
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Yes I did. It costs too much. And I wish I had chosen a different major.

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Yes, but we call it university here.
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I went to university for a year on a scholarship. But I didn't do well enough for a second scholarship, and no one would give me a student loan, so I had to drop out. I only have my hs diploma.

Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there.
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Community college. Which, according to like everything I've heard about community college on TV, doesn't count as "real" college. So... \_(ツ)_/

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Originally Posted by tehuti88 View Post
Community college. Which, according to like everything I've heard about community college on TV, doesn't count as "real" college. So... \_(ツ)_/
That's BS... of course it counts. A lot of people get respected bachelor degrees to high paying jobs like nursing from CCs.
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Yeah but we call it university here, college can also mean places that don't have bachelor degrees etc and sixth form colleges and equivalent that are like the last two years of high school in the US I think. I don't know if the qualifications have changed around now since I don't keep track of that. I think more schools are till 18 now when I went to highschool it was age 11-16 and then had to go to sixth form college because my school didn't have one.

I think it's very different here in general in the US it seems you just take tons of random classes and then decide what to major in later on, here in the UK you have to decide up front. I actually don't like this system as it doesn't leave much room to change or flexibility in learning, and on some degrees like mine you have to take every module/class they set so I had to take this one dumb business class. The guy was trying to get people to buy his 200+~ (I forget the exact amount, insane price,) book to work on a group project, but our group just pirated it.
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Clown college, but I didn't graduate.

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Yep, A-levels in Geology and Geography, higher national diploma in building studies and degree in quantity surveying but I dropped the degree with 4 weeks to go as i couldnt be bothered.

I only went to college so I didnt have to work.

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I tried three times, but it was to stressful to ever complete. If it had been online, or did not require any form of public speaking I probably would have completed it and gotten my degree. Once colleges are accredited and entirely online, I'll probably get a degree in something just to have a degree. I would imagine something technical, I did very well in the programming classes that I took although they were all beginner ones.

It really annoys me that they make it a requirement to speak in public, I would never want a job that required it in the first place, and I do feel a bit resentful toward such requirements which I feel are unnecessary for most people. I don't think most people are going to be required to stand up in front of a few dozen other people and give a speech, not unless that is part of their job.. and if it is, then they should take the classes and leave the rest of us introverts be.

I would like to have a Bachelors degree regardless, I just feel like I missed out on it. I also like studying, and learning so it would be a lot of fun. Uber Eats offers a scholarship for ASU Online, so if I ever work enough I might go for that.. first I have a lot of work to do around the house.

For now, I have been enjoying skillshare a lot. It is not quite the same, but I find it fun.

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bachelor's degree in Computer science and mathematics.
I'm really happy I got my degree, and if there are any young kids out there, didn't listen to these people who say college is useless, a STEM degree is worth it today, in a year or 30 years from now. learning real programming (not just coding) on yourself is as easy as learning to solve advanced calculus on your own.
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One semester at community college completed and then years later another half semester and dropped out. Also somewhere in between there I signed up for and paid cash for a semester, but couldn't bring myself to ever show up even once.

Went to CDL school at a different community college a few years ago and completed that in eight weeks.
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Originally Posted by blue2 View Post
Clown college, but I didn't graduate.

I went to a trade school and dropped out.
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i went to uni but dropped out due to social anxiety and bullying
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Yes. Graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Finance but haven't done Jack Squat with that degree.
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