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View Poll Results: Favorite brand(s) of bottled water?
Arrowhead 1 7.69%
Aquafina 0 0%
Dasani 3 23.08%
Deer Park 0 0%
Essentia 0 0%
Evian 2 15.38%
Crystal Geyser 1 7.69%
Ice Mountain 1 7.69%
Mountain Valley Spring Water 0 0%
Fiji 1 7.69%
Icelandic Glacial 1 7.69%
Poland Spring 1 7.69%
Nestle 1 7.69%
Voss 2 15.38%
Smart Water 1 7.69%
Ozarka 0 0%
Life Wtr 0 0%
blk. 0 0%
Store Brand 4 30.77%
Other 3 23.08%
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Nechako River Water through the local pump and filtration system . :3

Outside of that whoever supplies the massive water jugs at work that are also compatable with the coffee thing

The downside of the water up here is it's mineral heavy which is evident on the faucets in my apartment but it tastes good! When I lived in Cranbrook (an area I miss) the water tasted like dirt unless filtered through one of those Britta filter things then it was good!
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Why buy water when it's free from the tap?

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which meals you make most often?
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Whatever the Costco brand is. Kirkland or something?

Wouldn't say my favorite but it's what I have at home. Aquafina is the one I get a lot when I'm out and hard-up for water. And I only get that cause I think the bottle looks nice.
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crystal Geyser 99 CENTS at walmart

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I don't really like to drink bottled water, but I'll reach for whatever's cheapest in a pinch. Not a fan of all the needless plastic waste, and it usually ends up tasting odd.

My tap water is very hard and tastes unpleasant too, though, so we use a refrigerated Brita filter thing, like Komorikun. I fill a Contigo water bottle with it and carry it around with me throughout the day.
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Water is water? When I was in the Caribbean I had only bottled water to drink, I used it to brush my teeth too. I was told not to trust the water there as it can be dirty. Here in Canada our tap water is perfectly fine, and I only get bottled water if I'm away from home for the day.
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