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Oldest 8 24.24%
Youngest 18 54.55%
Middle 3 9.09%
Only 4 12.12%
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Are you the Oldest , Youngest , Middle or Only Child?

i am the youngest child.
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I was in the middle - 2 sisters.
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Oldest by one year, only have one sibling

pain that hurts, pain that alters
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Younger sibling of two. My brother is 5.5 years older.

In some ways, I was more of a middle child because my little cousin lived with us for probably a decade when we were kids. He's 2 years younger than me.
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Youngest of three other sisters. My oldest sibling is 41.
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Was raised as an only child but later found out I have some siblings. I'm the youngest by far.
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Youngest. Brother and sister.

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The youngest (I have three sisters) as well as the youngest grandchild on both sides of the family (28th on one side and seventh on the other).

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Your local potato farmer
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Youngest of two.

more issues than vogue
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I'm the oldest. It's funny I remember distinctly when my sister was born. I mean, I don't remember everything but I remember that there was a dramatic shift in the way I was treated when she was born. I think I became the unwanted one right away. It must have been obvious all along that I had issues and people knew it deep down but were also in denial about it. So they just kind of played it off and pretended it wasn't so. But at the same time, it showed in their behavior towards me and their behavior towards my sister (which was always much more positive in that insidious way that is only perceptible if you pay close attention).

I'm not saying they were wrong about me. Absolutely I think I was never meant to be. But things might have been at least some different if they had confronted that head-on (In a healthy way, of course. It would still not be good to confront it in a damaging way, which is why some people just shouldn't have kids) instead of sweeping it under the rug and pretending everything was fine.
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Not like the other ducks
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I have one younger brother. So oldest. I guess most people here are the youngest. I have 6 older cousins and 2 younger but I only really hung out with one regularly as a kid. Also I guess two step cousins but they were like older teenagers when I was a kid and I only briefly met them. I have/had a crazy huge extended family on my mum's side (my grandma on my mum's side was one of 13 kids I think.) We once went to a reunion and ran into some random kid my brother knew from school.

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I'm the youngest of 2. Sister is 6 years older than me. There was a still birth in between.

"Life's a song. You don't get to rehearse. And every single verse. Can make it that much worse." -Buffy Summers
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Youngest but in some aspects had to take the role of being the oldest because of having a disabled older brother.
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The Youngest unless you count my younger adopted sister Miranda but yes I'm the youngest of 7. I have 3 older brothers and 3 older sisters

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The oldest. I have a younger sister.
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Youngest of two.

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Youngest. I have one older brother and three older sisters.
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I'm an only child. It looks like I'm a rarity on SAS
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I'm the ugliest.

Beauty isn't everything. It's the only thing.
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