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Are you happy with your life?

Yes or no?
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In general, no. But sometimes I do feel okay.
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I think I should probably be happier than I actually am, although I'm often not too bad.

I'm unstable. I have bipolar disorder and the meds don't always work or they're intolerable, which makes my life very difficult.

When I'm reasonably calm and having a good day I'm alright.
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I'd like to think that I am satisfied but there is room for improvement. I do have good and bad days. There's still a lot of things out there I would like to experience, and I should be thankful for what I do have.
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alien monk
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I'm gloriously unhappy. I'd say im fairly happy with my life, I'm unhappy with other people's lol

"I take what is mine. I pay the iron price."
―Balon Greyjoy
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I'm not happy as I should or could be but I'm not super unhappy. I don't know, I just deal with it.

So come rain on my parade
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Oh just elated.

Everybody knows you only live a day but it's brilliant anyway
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No. I don't do much of anything fun. I hate working and feel tired most of the time.
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Gangsta Crayon
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I wouldn't say I'm happy but I'm satisfied with it. I could be making more money but I don't pay much in bills and the people I live with for the most part don't bother me so that's a huge weight off my shoulders. It helps also that I don't have to clean a whole lot like I used to. Mainly just my room and the bathroom. Those few things have improved my well being and overall satisfaction. I think I'm a pretty chill person so doing what I normally do keeps me occupied and in a good mood.
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"First there was darkness"
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I would that in general I am not happy, but sad either. During the day there moments of short happiness and thats it. I don't think I have felt a prolonged period of contentment.

But on other things, money and my living arrangements are things that I don't really have to worry about, but of course as someone pointed out, could always earn more.

I dont really think I ask much from life and don't really need that much either.

I think if I was in a relationship or married I think my overall happiness would be higher.
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No one would be happy with my life. There isn't a single part of it I feel good about or that doesn't give me pain.

Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there.
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lagrimas negras
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No. I know things could be worse for me but all I do is stress all day about things I shouldn't be stressing about.
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Little Queen TrashMouth
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Sometimes. I have my moments of contentment and satisfaction when I'm not mentally terrorizing myself lol.

Overcoming inertia.

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