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Are you fluent in any other language than English?

I am not
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Nope. I get by in my native language but it's about ten levels below English.
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Yes I can speak Dutch. I learned French as well but because I hardly ever use it I'm not fluent in it.
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Royally F***ed
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Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there.
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Posted via Mobile Device
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insert witty comment here
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yes, my native language & Swedish, although I don't get to use Swedish that much anymore so I'm relatively rusty nowadays

"If you need a safe space, see a therapist" - Jordan Peterson
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It's not my first language or even my second, but due to seclusion and constant use of the Anglophone internet, it's by far my strongest suit.
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I can speak a fair bit of Indonesian - I should be able to, I studied it for ages. It gets better if I'm slightly drunk.
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Your local potato farmer
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more issues than vogue
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I'm not fluent in English.

I studied French at school, and it was a dreadful experience. I can't remember a thing, and it was just so hard, and I always felt embarrassed trying to imitate how it sounds. Ugh, it was my least favorite subject in school.

If you want to teach children a second language, I say they have to be like in Kindergarten.


One embarrassing thing I remember from school. We had an English exam and there was one question no one could answer. It was like one of those Grammar things, I don't remember what the term is, but like in "He is nice, isn't he?" and "They are strange, aren't they?", etc.

And it was something like "I am great, ___?". And a lot of people in my class insisted it was "amn't I?" and I was like "that sounds so weird, of course it's not that". And what was my answer? It was "ain't I?" And I really thought I had the right answer

I felt really disappointed when we all got zero on that question. I mean "ain't" > "amn't".


I used to be relatively fluent in classical Arabic, though my interest has faded over time. I still feel it resonates with me emotionally more than anything else, which is weird because it's not a spoken language. Also, it's really hard to find someone singing its poetry, which is really frustrating to me because I used to sing it a lot in my own head.

^ this guy died in like 960, so I guess the Western equivalent would be like loving Latin maybe?

I do really like hearing Latin phrases though too, so maybe it's just something about medieval languages



was looking into that channel, and found a sweeter song.

"and part of me has grieved over a part of me with me"

I find it weird that certain things translate so badly. I mean that was my favorite verse listening to it

Ma 'alena
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aldehyde dehydrogenaser
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I only have about a 7-year-old kid vocabulary in my parent's language. That's not bad considering kids start talking around 3 or so. I seldom use it around anyone in my social circle. It feels like I'm missing something and they are missing out too...
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(Ursus domesticus)
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I don't remember a lot of my French either. I refreshed my knowledge on it somewhat with the Duolingo app. I'd like to put time into learning Kalaallisut or one of the other related languages. I've been liking some songs sung in Inuit languages and some ASMR in Kalaallisut. I often have used aboriginal languages in my usernames. I'm curious to know one more properly.
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Nope. I could lie and say I could speak Spanish and Japanese, but neither knowledge comes close to fluent.

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I wish! I'm fascinated by languages and listen to music from other countries often. Sadly, I don't exactly excel at learning languages so my dreams of being a polyglot will likely remain dreams.

I know a little bit of parents' native language though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Yes Chinese
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Socializing with myself
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Foreign people said to me they speak better English than me, and English is my primary language. I'm not fluent in my own language?

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yes. but im trying to learn finnish.
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