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copper 07-07-2019 03:04 PM

Wild fire smoke
Getting smoke from Western Ontario fires. Eyes are watering, coughing, phlegm, and real tired. I looked up the tired part and it says inhalation of wild fire smoke can make a person tired. I took a two hour nap and even dreamed. I very rarely sleep that deep in the middle of the day. I always have suffer from the smoke. I remember back in the summer of 1988 we were getting lots of smoke from the Yellowstone fires where I lived in Iowa. It was so thick it blotted the sun out completely. I suffered that summer.

iminnocentenough 07-07-2019 03:24 PM

Damn, don't die on us yet. Suffocation is one of the worst ways to die.

copper 07-08-2019 01:52 PM

It is worse today. The smoke has come closer to the ground lowering visibility and I can smell it. I have a constant sinus headache, throat burning, eyes watering. Winds suppose to come out of the south and increase blowing the smoke back north of the big lake into Canada.

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