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Originally Posted by metheloner View Post
idk what i do wrong i try so hard to become someone thats liked and i dont me being fake i just wanna have some close friends. i get used so much cause i put so much effort to be a good friend. i call people i buy things i do favors. then i get shot down. no one calls me ever or ever wants to hang out. and when i think i have someone they stab me in the back. idk but im so sick of it and idk what to do i drink way to much now cause thats the only thing that makes me feel like im living, i no thats bad but idk what to do i have so many things going aginst me all the time, i never have a break even flow of things happen, idk but i just wanna go away its like i dont have a place in peoples lives anyway
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Why des everyone hate you haha its simple why does everyone hate me i'll tell you. Because you asked the same person. Who is me. There is only three reasons; you hate yourself, you tell people things that are too personal, and your being yourself. My advice is dont be yourself be completely fake.Because i never gave up
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Intolerance for people like that

My question is... Why should I have to put myself out there if I'm just gonna look like a dumb***?
I would hate to look desperate over someone who isn't even worth it and would end up hating me anyways... If people can't give me respect.. then I would rather be alone. That's just the way I see it though.
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i feel like every where i go people just look at me like i did them wrong. even my own parents dont even like to hang around me. and the everybody wants to get friendly with me when i do something drastic like trying to overdose and then they try to act like they care, but after a couple weeks its like nobody wants **** to do with me anymore......fml
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