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sometimes I want to die

because people pretend like i'm not here, no one ever looks at me or much less talks to me. I'm nice to everyone, but it's the same everywhere. I don't have friends I don't have anyone. I don't even have a family and I just don't see any point in being around anymore. there is obviously something wrong with me if no one likes me so there is no point in sticking around. I guess some people just really aren't good for anything.
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You are not alone...

I have these same issues, so I sort of know what you're going through. People just don't understand intraverted individuals like us. Whatever they can't understand...they make up. Unfortunately, what they make up is pretty fricking negative.

I don't know about you, but I also deal with a lot of self-hatred, which only adds to the problem. I've been thinking I will try to go back to volunteering and trying to help others. Maybe if I feel I'm a better person, it will reduce the self-hatred a bit. If I reduce the self-hatred, maybe I'll be a more likeable person all around.

I know I'm not being of much help. I sincerely wish I had a magical answer that would fix your life, and mine. Basically, I just wanted you to know you're not along.
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i dont really think anybody will read this but i have to let my anger out. IM AM SICK OF ALL THE HATERS. this kid, jacob is telling people to hate me, (he's extremley popular) and everybody is doing it. It sucks butthole. Theyre just looking for reasons to hate me. I walk into a class room and there's evil glares. and if i sit down next to anyone they make a face and move seats. They make fun of the way i look and how i have no friends. They always say im just a glum depressed b**** . I'm always upset because nobody will even give me a chance. They dont even know my name and they judge me. It hurts. nobody knows that i go home and cry everyday. Theres only two people at my school who have given me a chance and looked passed the way i look. palmer and kendall, They stick up for me..but it will never be enough. Neither of them understand why people dislike me and call me every name in the book. they may be the only reason i can still survive in school. Im sick of coming home and crying and getting texts calling me fat and ugly stupid hoe *****. whatever . I know i dont have to most horrible story. i know kids have it a lot worse. I just cant take it anymore. Im so desperrate for friends. i looked it up on google how to get people to like you. But even if i try those ways people just call me a dumb ugly hoe. Im not dumb i have good grades. Im not ugly.. i hope. and im not a hoe. defintley. its become so bad that i dont wanna ever wake up in the morning. Schools over in two weeks. Hopefully i can throw my phone away and start a new clean slate next year.
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Originally Posted by cbg View Post
because people pretend like i'm not here, no one ever looks at me or much less talks to me. I'm nice to everyone, but it's the same everywhere. I don't have friends I don't have anyone. I don't even have a family and I just don't see any point in being around anymore. there is obviously something wrong with me if no one likes me so there is no point in sticking around. I guess some people just really aren't good for anything.
Remember that you are beautiful and someone thinks you're amazing. I think you're amazing if you have the guts to post this on here. I've felt the same way. in fact everybody in my school hates me. But I keep my head held high and a smile on my face and remember i'm here for a reason.
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I know how you feel.
I think it started in January. People stopped texting me. Most of my 'friends' dont talk to me any more. When we're outside, i walk behind them a while, but when they stop walking, one of them (usually Lindsey or Zoe) just says something random (like "hey! look at this tall grass") in that sarcastic kind of voice that people use when they're lying or something. I have only been invited to one birthday party where people actually talked to in a year. But the worst part is at lunch, people talk about how awesome their parties were for about a month (except Cayla, She cant talk) Sometimes I feel like I just want to curl up in a hole and never come out. Im not sure if this 'il help or what, but it was nice to get it off my chest.
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Originally Posted by Mae West View Post
Ehh, I disagree. I know I guy who is very shy and also very goodlooking and has no problem with the ladies.
Then he probably isn't as shy as you think.
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I have similar problems as you do...does anyone tried searching for introverted people in hope they will understand you better? I dont understand why this idea came just now, but i think that two introverted people could understand each other better if one of them objectively describe his character to the other one, so he will understand...it may be even better bond than the overly extroverted "cool" people have, cause people like us have fewer relationships ( at least i dont have any real :/ )...
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Most people with SA or introverted people....give off a certain vibe that repels people i guess..lol. People may see us as boring, or see us as somebody that doesnt like people,like to talk,etc. Its kinda understandable that people would avoid us....expecially if they are shallow extroverts that don't understand anything thats outside of their own bubble.

..but just because people don't call you,or talk to you...that doesn't mean that you don't have people that aren't admiring or liking you from a distance. Some people mit even find you intimidating...or feel like they aren't worthy of you. Always think about that as well. Like i said above...people may see you looking like you don't want to be bothered..so they just never approach you..call you,etc. Doesn't mean everybody hates you.

I've had my own experiences with this. This guy i went to High School with actually had a crush on me and i never knew untill now. He told me that i always looked mean..so he never really said anything to me. lol

you just never know...its just like when people die..and random people show up at that persons funeral that nobody knows. Those people probaly admired or respected that person from afar.

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I feel the exact same way!

Be yourself, because everyone else is taken.
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Originally Posted by xhat View Post
It's not true that everyone hates you. What is true is that you process all of your experiences to derive the same meaning from them: that everyone hates you. You derive comfort from self-pitying behavior and externalizing your problems. You enjoy being a victim. By being a victim, you can garner attention. However, the attention you do get from this negative attention-seeking behavior is not fulfilling precisely because it is not a positive experience.

If you truly want to solve this problem, examine why you like the self-pitying, and be willing to admit that it's unlikely that everyone hates you. That you are interpreting everyone's behaviors that way. Now, it may be true that you are driving people away with your self-pitying behavior, but that problem will resolve itself once you honestly tackle the problem of what you are accomplishing for yourself by engaging in self-pitying.

We all have times when we feel alone and that no one cares about us. That's life. It's your responsibility, not the world's, to go out and form the relationships you need to stay sane and balanced. Right now, you're abdicating that responsibility.
Originally Posted by Ryanne View Post
Relationships are a two-way thing, you can't expect others to make the effort all the time. Cheer up, be you.
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Time takes care of a lot.

I had a dreadful childhood. We moved constantly. I was always the new kid, and almost always ridiculed and disliked. Not hated. No. No one cared enough to hate me.

I grew up dreadfully shy. I knew I was smart and talented, but I couldn't show it in any way. I think I expected people to realize it without me risking pain or embarrassment.

But a weird thing happened. One day I realized that if everyone was going to dislike me anyway, then %#^ them. I was going to lead my life as I liked. And I would lead it with the kindness and compassion tht none of them were smart enough, or evolved enough, to display.

I was never afraid to walk into a room again. I start conversations with strangers with no problem at all. What's the worst they can do? Not like me? That's their problem, not mine.

And something even weirder happened. I started to get promotions at work. People started asking me out to lunch.

Turns out that somehow, I guess, all those years of ridicule had made me buy into the bad assessments about me. And I had somehow come to act with no confidence at all.

With my new confidence, most people believed it was true.

This has been, now, over 30 years of no problems. so I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. don't accept bad assessments of yourself. You know you have potential.

And then, please be good enough to pass along this knowledge to other young people who are suffering.
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join the club!
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Originally Posted by thatswet View Post
I do try to start conversations sometimes and I have called other people. I give people I know compliments on occasion.
Same here.
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To the OP - I think it takes consistent effort on a lot of levels. I know I went through years of feeling crushingly alone. Of getting rejected (on a friendship level) a lot. It is kinda like dating where the more people you try with the more likely you are to find friends. And I know you want to cry out "why doesn't anyone like me" I've been there.

I am there when it comes to dating, but I am female and know its in big part my appearance that interferes with that. Or at least it doesn't help my personality is not enough to make up for my looks. ~L~
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ody has moments when they think the whole world hates them but how do you know if you havr'nt spoken to the whole world.....just be yourself and people will be drawn to you...I used to think people hated me because i am gay but i just kept telling myself they have no say in my life so im gonna be gay today,tommorrow and forever haahah....people dont like me when they see me and frankley i dont care....s what im saying is not everybody hates you.You just thin that.......u can email me if you want [email protected].

my name is Glenn Clark and im from new zealand
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I feel exactly the same way as a lot of people on here. Nobody seems to like me and a lot of people find it easy to say whatever they want to me (this has been pointed out to me on numerous ocassions). This results in people being rude, insulting and pointing out my negative traits.

I have been told numerous times,since childhood,that I am stupid,so it must be true,although on iq tests I score anywhere between 110 and 118.

I understand that iq tests are not really a good indicator of how intelligent or stupid you are but they must give some indication..?

When I was younger, I used to be able to brush off any remarks that were made to me and forget about them but as the years have gone on I am finding it more and more difficult to forget what is said and I tend to hold it against whoever made the remark(s) and nowadays I can find it very easy to just stop talking to people who have upset me.

At this present moment in time (and for quite a long time) I have really felt like there is no point in continuing on. I understand that I am not the only one on here that feels this way...

Does anyone ever meet up with anyone else,after striking up a friendship on here?
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I can definitely relate to this one. People never talk to me at all. It seems as though I merely do not exist at times. The loneliness is sometimes unbearable. It's just the fact that I see people having a good time and socializing with others, and I cannot even do that, it's absurd. I can go for months without uttering a single word and yet others cannot even go a minute without saying anything. It blows my mind.
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I know how you feel, or at least how I feel. It is unfair when even those people who talk against bullying actually bully me. It makes me laugh sometimes because it is so insane. Like they don't see I am a huma at all and get hurt of bullying like everyone else. But no, I am not counted as human being.
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Maybe you look intimidating? I know I do often, I can't help it, though. It's just my Asperger's. People tend to not talk to you if you only look down and act nervous/self-concious.
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i think i was dealing with same problem. but i observed that people like those people who just show off . so just show off .tell lies about you that you 're most amazing person in this world . everybody make relationship from lie. Be a funky character and enjoy being that person. do things that people likes not the things that you personally like. cuz what you like it doesnt matter.
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