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Why do some of us tremor when anxious?

What is the scientific reasoning for this? Anyone know? When I am anxious, I don't really have any physical symptoms except for a stiff face, sweating, upset stomach and then finally, violent leg tremors. Sometimes it really effects me...when I am driving for instance, when I put my foot on the break it shakes because I am nervous a lot while driving. When under pressure, such as when being timed, my legs shake violently. It is really irritating and I'd like to know why we shake.

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Re: Why do some of us tremor when anxious?

I don't know the exact cause but I think its a psychological reaction. Maybe during moments of anxiety our ability to communicate with our muscles decreases.
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Re: Why do some of us tremor when anxious?

Its the effect of adrenaline and other stress hormones like glucocorticoids. You can also shake when you're angry, too. The adrenaline is preparing our body for the old fight / flight thing, and super charges the muscles. Fighting and running are big, energetic movements - pushing a pedal isn't. So as our muscles dont always actually have something to DO with all that energy, they wibble around a bit. A bit like putting an old humvee engine in neutral then opening the throttle, it sorta pootles about in its bay.

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Re: Why do some of us tremor when anxious?

Yeah it's part of the flight or fight response. Shaking and shivering warm the body. They reduce the susceptibility to cold caused by the lessening of blood flow to the surface of the body which is to decrease blood flow near the skin to reduce the loss of blood if a flesh wound is suffered.. The raising of hairs on the body makes an animal with fur appear larger, stronger, and more threatening to an enemy. Well, that's what I read...I definitely notice the fur thing with my pet cats.
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