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Why are we never satisfied?

Every now and then I like to set goals for myself and I always think that once I reach that goal Iíll be happy and I usually am but only for a little while. Getting my drivers license, buying my first car, getting a job, graduating from university, moving out of my parents house, working a full time job. All of these are things Iíve accomplished and i was proud but I never feel complete. I always still feel like a failure because all of my accomplishments are always half assed.

Sure, I graduated university but it took me 7 years, sure I bought a car but itís used and old, sure I have a full time job but itís a temp agency, sure I got my drivers license but it took me two tries to pass the test, sure I have my own house but itís shabby and old. I know things could be worse and I am grateful for what I have and for what Iíve been able to accomplish but everything I do is always subpar. Iím mediocre at everything and I should just accept that but I canít.

I want the best of the best. I want to be able to drive a nice car, live in a nicer house, have a better job, and travel the world. I know, none of that is possible for someone like me but letís say I do accomplish all of that, would I actually finally be happy or would I just want more? I just never seem to be satisfied with anything. I donít know, this is just some stuff thatís been on my mind lately.

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A lot of billionaires are probably miserable because they're behind Jeff Bezos. Humans are wired to be discontent because it keeps them striving for more, and trying to fill the void with babies.

You can control it a bit, though. Thinking of reasons why being more successful would be annoying helps -- like all the complications wealth brings, all the cleaning you'd have to do in a big new house, etc.

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