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What to do?

i have severe depression,medication not helpful, neither is therapy,gave up on both, i'm trying out self help like meditation,exercise and challenging negative thoughts yet i still feel so awful and don't want to leave the bed
i feel so hopeless,tired and unmotivated
i got no friends
i lost all pleasure and interest in any hobbies - video games/music/tv shows/movies/books/sports/travel
i am self isolated and don't talk to anyone
i have terrible social anxiety,low self esteem, very lonely
i asked my doctor to try transcranial magnetic stimulation, i am so sick and tired of living
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Sorry your not doing well. My issue is Anxiety not really depression but here is my advice.

You may want to contact your doc or therapist and have them change your medication or type of therapy your getting to something more effective. Lost of time the first type of meds dont work so may need a different combo.

Try to really dedicate yourself to the self help stuff. Exercise and challenging negative thoughts is hard work but it helps and there is no downside to doing it. Even if exercise dosent help you mentally it will physically and keep you physically healthy. Decide if you want to get in good shape cardio wise or build muscle. The ladies like a well built muscular guy and people will think twice about messing with you either. That is a added bonus!

Try to set small goals everyday. Then increase in difficulty slightly every day. Make a list of what you want to accomplish each day helps me a lot as well. It will make you feel productive and see at the end of the day you accomplished a lot that day. That will make you feel good about yourself.

Thats a good start. Message me if you need any help
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