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What's the point of living?

When everything upsets you!!!!!

I have no purpose. The only thing that I love is learning but I feel like everything is pointless now. Even when I study very hard, I'd still end up with a B-. Every time, I feel disappointed. I will probably graduate with a third and I feel very bitter. Everything I read is pointless. Everything I learn is useless.

Everyone (absolutely not exaggerating in this case) upsets me. My parents upset me by saying things like 'that's why you'll never succeed'. My previous 'friends' upset me because they never treat me like one and they say things like 'That's too difficult for you', 'Of course you can't do that', 'Go for Bs'. All my 'friends' hurt my feelings. I never feel happy around anyone. I make it a point never to talk to anyone unless necessary.

Everyday occurrences upset me. All that I recognize each day is negativity induced by other people: hectic commuting time, being stepped by pedestrians, rude waiters/waitresses, annoying encounters with people, my previous terrible friendship... This is something I can handle because all that is temporary and I spend most of my time inside a library/self-study room. But my sadness seems permanent...

It's not like I have any suicidal thoughts, only that I'd rather die as soon as possible. What is the point of living if there's nothing to feel happy about?
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