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behind you
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I ordered the wrong item online FML!
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Born Of Blotmona­
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I don't know that I can save myself from this **** up this time
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Gotta go to the drivers license office..so nervous

Yuck bacon
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Originally Posted by crimeclub View Post
The anxiety isn't quite hitting just yet, but once I'm a few hours away from the party I'm going to probably be thinking of excuses as to why I had to show up late, and why I'll need to leave early.
Leaving early is fine, the main thing is that you show up, Good Luck

Originally Posted by InfiniteBlaze View Post
For the people having issue with ads, download firefox if you don't have it already and then download adblock plus.


Originally Posted by Persephone The Dread View Post
adblock is also available for google chrome if you have that:

Thank's for these, I'm using google chrome myself so I'll take a look at doing this today.
Is it straight forward to set up? Also will it stop ads on youtube?


We've all got a little bit of royal blood in our veins, we're all in line for the succession, and if nineteen million, four hundred thousand, two hundred and eight people die, I'll be king tomorrow. It's not very likely but its a nice thought and helps keep me going.


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I'm having a little break from candy. It's been two days. My lipgloss tastes like chocolate. It's torturous. I might eat it.
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In quite a bit of physical pain this morning and doubting some people, hopefully the situation turns out well though.
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rubber ball
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****, missed therapy. Not that I'd expect to actually get something from it, I'm getting pretty frustrated with the lack of a breakthrough or something. But still, missed the session. Not showing up probably lowers the chances of anything good coming out of it.

At least a bit.

give birth to the sky
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Dorkus Malorkus
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Originally Posted by likeaspacemonkey View Post
****, missed therapy. Not that I'd expect to actually get something from it, I'm getting pretty frustrated with the lack of a breakthrough or something. But still, missed the session. Not showing up probably lowers the chances of anything good coming out of it.

At least a bit.
I feel ya--this has been happening to me, too. I keep missing weekly group therapy. It happened on and off all summer and is still going on now in the fall. Dunno wtf's going on with me with that. But yeah, can't expect progress if ya don't go...

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i dont know why i always have to go through the same thing with you. you say its nothing ive done but i doubt this happens to you when youre alone or with anyone else. im sorry, im not equipped to deal with this especially when you make no effort to help yourself. and you expect so much from me.

im frustrated with you. im just frustrated watching you run into the same wall, having accepted that this is just the way it will be.

this frustration is manifesting itself in all these little ways. i know you feel entitled to something from me, and i just cant tolerate that.

what cannot be said will be wept
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Originally Posted by tehuti88 View Post
So now I seem like I'm the one who doesn't care or is doing the ignoring.
I get this sometimes too!
Right now I feel really bad because there are VM's and PM's I need to respond to but I find it so hard to be in the right mood to do so lately.

What's bothering me?
I have to get some advice... and even then, it won't matter because there is a third party involved in the matter.

That and I have to call my doctor... I'll do it Monday.

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I need a nap.
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I'm thinking about giving up on dating for the time being. My new focus is trying to get into a PhD program so possibly that will help fill the void. Education is the one thing that I truly love other than my family. However, this process brings up the concern of going to interviews, being rejected, and feeling even more worthless.
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Put me with the crazies
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Originally Posted by TheBLA View Post
I never should have joined this forum and met some people from here.
We're feeling the same way then. I could take a year off (for the greater good of the sas members) and this forum would still be as I left it. bdd rampant, troll loving and sex whining. What more could we want? Let's not 4chan this place.

What's bothering me- a bad cold. The fact that Nyquil seems a hell of a lot more powerful than anesthesia for surgery. I mean, you can't just take Nyquil and stay up to watch a t.v show before you go to bed. You just can't.
Oh, forgot to mention that this cold is making me feel as if I'm half deaf, coughing up nickelodeon slime, blowing my nose till its sore, can't stay awake, can't stay asleep, nose bleeds during the night, boggers during the day; **** this!

"I'm a sarcastic person. when I talk to you, it's either because I really like you and feel comfortable teasing you or I really hate you and don't care if you know it. Good luck figuring out which one!"

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My mum got out of her car in the middle of the main road in the high street today. She was completely oblivious to me shouting n people beeping at her because they couldn't get past. Not sure what that was all that about... I don't see her that often but she's been acting really weird lately. Bit worried.
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Closing down the mega threads (will get to them all eventually) and starting off new ones. This will hopefully help with the recurring issue of not being able to see the most recent posts.

Here's the link to the new one.


There's a third world, the world of objective contents of thoughts. Teilhard de Chardin calls this third world the "Neurosphere", that is, the world of the mind.
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