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DVD region codes? Why? Just... Why?

Nothing is entirely true. Not even this.
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I'm too afraid to develop feelings for girls any more. Trying to suppress the attraction I feel for a girl in the year below.
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Every time I try to do something to improve my life everything goes wrong, really wrong

I wish I could just do this to myself
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I'm not Dead...Yet
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Originally Posted by Idontgetit View Post
My GTA 5 disc isn't working even though there isn't any scratches and its brand new, AHHHHHHH!
PS3 or 360? If other games work for you system, I'd take it back for a new copy (if you kept the receipt)
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Originally Posted by Secretly Pretentious View Post
I'm bothered that the original "What's bothering you right now?" thread got locked.
Originally Posted by diamondheart89 View Post
^ Agree. I don't like new things, until they prove themselves.

Me too. Though in my case I can't quite explain why it bothers me, I just...want all my "What's bothering you" posts, cripes, I want all of EVERYONE'S "What's bothering you" posts, in one place only!!

I was ordering books on Amazon last night and had only two in my cart and that really bothered me, I wanted to get at least three (again I can't explain why, I just had to), so after lots of browsing around for various subjects I finally did a search for "Asperger's" and found an interesting book about that and got it. Why am I sharing this? Because 1. based on some things I've been reading I'm starting to sound more and more...Aspergery and 2. it's what else is bothering me right now. (I hate the appearance of "self-diagnosing," especially since 1. Asperger's seems kind of overdiagnosed IMO, 2. I can't get an official diagnosis, and 3. Asperger's isn't even in the DSM anymore.) Oh. Why else am I sharing this? Because I'm wondering if maybe it explains why it bothers me that the original thread was closed.

Freaking crap that was wordy.

Originally Posted by Odinn View Post
I get this sometimes too!
Right now I feel really bad because there are VM's and PM's I need to respond to but I find it so hard to be in the right mood to do so lately.

What's bothering me?
I have to get some advice... and even then, it won't matter because there is a third party involved in the matter.

That and I have to call my doctor... I'll do it Monday.
(Had to copy/paste and format that properly to transfer it from that thread to this!)

I'm actually very glad you replied to me, since I was worried I'd upset you. Which I realize makes zero sense, considering I haven't been in touch with you, so why would you be in touch with me?? But agh, obviously my brain makes zero sense. ;_; It's good(??) to know I'm not the only one feeling guilty, here we will feel guilty together.

I hope your doctor call goes well.

If I don't reply to you, it's NOTHING PERSONAL. It's my ANXIETY.


(Devetko's boyfriend Stan Brooks & Det. Reichert are horsing around.)

Det. Kristeva: "If it were legal you'd marry me, right?"
Det. Devetko: "Definitely."

(It's legal now!! But Kristeva's already married. ;_; )


"No canoes...no maple sugar...this place is horribly uncivilized."--Manabozho, Escape From Manitou Island
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I really want a time machine right now. The only way I could actually make my life worse is by committing a crime and ending up in jail.... **** the past, **** the future. **** everything.

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.
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All i wanted was advice and all i got was a sharp,straight to my face
"I do not want to end up like you." bla bla..
Lovely guy.And a good example of why is should not bother to talk with people,or hope to ever have friends.Go me..go...

"You donít even know what art really is. You donít even know yourself

"Are you absolutely certain that you're not a product of your own imagination?
And what make you completely certain you're not just a figment of someone else's imagination? "

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Of course the ugliest, most low class low ambition *****s on that stupid site are like in the real world the *****iest most self inflated girls there are. Also, the keyboard on my nexus tab changed and now the punctuation is the wrong spot. Also, the autocorrect is trolling me hard.
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Well im beating myself up for my past again. It's just one of those self destructive days for me I guess. And im kinda worrying that im not doing well enough at work. Oh and can't forget the fear to leave the house is haunting me too again. I thought i was doing a bit better with my anxiety but turns out im still stuck in that same hole I've been in for the last few years.
I've been thinking about mental hospitals too. I probably need it but i don't want to be around anyone. Maybe someday. Until then i have an appointment with a new psychiatrist on monday. Hopefully this doctor will give me some good anxiety medication this time. My last one would try me on so many crappy drugs and refused to give me the good stuff lol.
Im not religious but I'd pray to get some xanex. Heard so many good things. Please, please, please give me a psychiatrist that has a trigger happy prescription pad
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So I have been having issues with my best friend lately. Ever since I wasn't able to go to her birthday party and she made a new friend, she acts different with me. I really couldn't go. She hangs out a lot with this new friend and doesn't include me in any of her plans. She doesn't make an effort in talking with me and walks away from me. We used to tell each other everything and talk and talk. I asked her if she was mad but she said You always think I'm mad at you and got annoyed. She knows I self harm and thinks I'm stupid because I can't stop. She has a great time with other people but I tell her something it seems as if I just ruined her day. I don't know what to do. I don't want to loosen best friend.
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How everyone I care about doesn't care about me, or atleast not to the extent that I'd like. And that the people that do seem to want my attention are completely uninteresting to me and I often even find them annoying. I feel like a major dick for ignoring/avoiding them, because I got really hurt by people doing this to me, and at the same time, if I do choose to spend time with them I'll be stuck with them instead of the people I'd want to talk to...

Why is this whole social stuff some sort of cruel system where you get hurt, but then end up doing the same to others... I hate being a hypocrite yet if I would try to be fair and be nice to everyone I'd just end up feeling worse and more hurt.

What's also bothering me is that noone (that I care about) ever comes to me for meaningful conversation, I'm just the guy that makes ****ty yet funny jokes but has no real content, or atleast thats what I sometimes think people think of me.

I wish I could just forget about the desire to be social and liked, because it can seem like such a ****ty system, and it sometimes seems like I'll never have someone to mutually care about. But it's really the only thing in life I care about so I can't just tell myself the system is crap and I should forget about it.

Surrounded by strangers I thought were my friends
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The yard is starting to turn different colors which means eventually raking the leaves. Ugh.

I also have to post in this thread at least once.
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Got invited out for drinks tonight and it's taking everything in my power to not avoid.
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I've been trying to pretend otherwise, but I feel like I'm on the verge of going into the mental state I was 3 years ago. And that is not good.

All you have is your fire,
& the place you need to reach.
Don't you ever tame your demons,
but always keep them on a leash.
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my procrastinating is getting outa hand!
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A shiny new thread! Seems a bit weird for some reason...

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.


Feel free to PM me if you need someone to talk to, or just want to vent, I don't bite

Navi Says: Hey Listen!

Here too!

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My housemate's dual channel wifi router is only broadcasting one channel, so my laptop can't get it. And I'm too afraid to tell her and see if I can fix it by restarting the router.

**** you and your mandatory custom signature.
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Tell me more
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Wondering how many parts there will be to this thread during humans' existence here on earth.
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Another bday and another day of people not giving a ****
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