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what keeps you going on?

There's quite a few reasons:

5. I've reached the point where i can no longer escape my problems through victim playing, giving in to the pain, escapism or even suicide. I've reached the point where I'm either figuring it out or I'm getting tormented pretty severely.
4. My "Ultimate Goals". These are goals that I have vowed to fulfill in spite of whatever life throws at me.
3. As painful and as torturous as my life has been, I love knowledge more, I love understanding more, I would love to experience more, I love my right to freedom more, I'd love to destroy fear more. Even if it means going through hell on earth to get there.
2. I have a gift and I plan on using this gift to write the blueprint for that person ten years from now that will be stepping right into my shoes. (As I've witnessed when some are trying to get out others are going in)
1. But the most important reason why I want to continue living is because I want to live for the progress that I've made. Life is nothing more then experiences within an experience. When I realized this I stopped viewing my life as a curse but rather as an honor to have the opportunity to experience a life that most humans aren't even aware exists. It's an honor to experience the extremities of human psychology. After all, everything I know I've learned from the pain.

(I can't link it at the moment but I actually made a thread about this years ago with lots of responses if you wanna check it out)

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Live for the progress that you've made.
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Originally Posted by Cool Ice Dude55 View Post
I hate my life but I dont wanna die.

To scared to live and to scared to die! Been there before. Not a good situation. Keep working towards your goals a brighter day is ahead
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