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What is the most emotional you have ever got?

I would say when family members have died.
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I had a nervous breakdown a few months ago (due to stress at work)
and one in 2012 due to a toxic relationship.

In both cases, I'd get into these mental loops where I was unable to escape. I'd keep repeating things like saying certain sentences out loud, writing or drawing things or washing/rubbing my face, etc. for hours and hours. Both times I felt that I've completely lost control over my actions which was very scary, especially the second time since it was so recent, also the loss of control was so complete it was really scary. It was also very humiliating because I don't like my mental illness affecting other people's live which is hard to do if you're acting like a 'crazy person'.

I remember having this song on a loop the first time, kept sketching/writing stuff, and wasn't responding to anything and my family had to forcibly take me to a psychiatrist.

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I would say last December just before Christmas. I had to leave my job due to various reasons, the pandemic was escalating and I found myself having panic attacks, huge crying spells and sudden anger outbursts. That went on for every day for about 3 weeks and it's the worst I've felt in a long time.

Things have gotten slightly better, although I'm far from where I'd like to be.
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I had a really bad crush a few years ago that really ****ed me up a lot for a while. Before and after my crushes haven't been as bad as that time luckily. I'm not sure if there's other stuff I've forgotten I have all kinds of crazy emotional reactions to things all the time (I find it a bit difficult to label/understand my reactions too,) and I'm basically never OK lol so.

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Yet another man lost to irony poisoning, cynicism, hyper-self awareness and the inability to be sincere.

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Emotional? Hard to say. I mean, my psychotic episode was pretty intense. Sheer terror for a couple of hours there. But I'm not sure that's the kind of emotional you're going for. Having to put my cat down was the last really emotionally traumatic thing for me. Breaking up with my ex before that. Dealing with my really serious pure O issues before that. I'm sort of always fluctuating between "very anxious" and "terrified". I don't often feel sad or any other emotion (with the above exceptions). I rarely get angry, for example.

Honestly, my dreams are far more emotionally intense on average than anything I experience IRL.

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My therapist broke my trust on a thing that's pretty fundamental to the reason why I'm screwed up in the first place. I was a mess for about 3 weeks before even getting the chance to try and work through it with them... where I impulsively ended up self injuring during the session in an attempt to calm the f*** down. Still not really over it 7 months later but the emotionality of it only pops up a couple of times a week vs. couple of times an hour when it first happened.

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I've lost count.

What goes up, will inevitably come back down. Whoever you have to step on when you go up, you will be at their mercy when you go down.

The truth is strictly what the ones in power perceives it to be.

Enjoy any good things, even the little and menial ones, as you will never know what impending distresses could descend upon you in a moment.
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I guess in middle school I remember crying really hard. But I haven’t been emotional since I was 16ish so I can’t think of a clear memory of me being super emotional.
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An emotional breakdown after feeling lonely and isolated for years with no real human interaction beyond the occasional "Hey, how are you?" "I'm good thank you, how are you?" "Have a good day.""Thanks you too."...except I wasn't good. I just remember being so upset I could hardly catch my breath and just repeating something like "I don't want to be alone" pleading to a god I didn't even believe in at the time. I have my ideas of how I see that from personal experiences up to now and believing in being a part of something greater but at that time I didn't really believe in anything...
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Maybe not the most emotional ever but one time I was 19 at a Costco. My mom was a member at Costco and I went there to get glasses. I went alone and she let me borrow her Costco card. Unfortunately, I ended up losing the Costco card. I went up to a guy in a Costco uniform and told him how I lost my card. He told me they would look for it but needed all my personal information. I recall how Costco is super strict about not letting anyone in there who doesn't have a membership even family members. I then explained how it was my mother's card and I don't remember if I gave him her name or not, I think I refused to. Then, I got very uncomfortable and anxious began walking away from the guy. He started following me around the store as I headed to the exit. I think he was a security guard. I told him "you have no right to be following me right now." Then when we got towards the front exit he told me I had to wait. I don't remember what he said exactly, but something along the lines of telling me that I wasn't allowed because I wasn't a member, and kept on talking. At first I tried being super tough, but I ended up having a complete emotional breakdown and crying as I'm standing right in front of this guy. Not just a little crying, like balling my eyes out. He was being so harassing following me around and being so demanding over something so menial. They act like I've committed some horrible crime telling me I have to wait somewhere. On top of that, I felt so bad for losing my mom's Costco card so that compounded everything. As I was crying I told him that he was profiling me based on my appearance and demeanor.
He told me he wasn't. But then he said he was going to get his manager or something and he walked away and then I dashed out the exit.

My mom didn't end up caring at all about me losing the Costco card, it's super easy to get a replacement.

The whole thing was completely absurd. I will never go to another Costco ever again.
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This is kind of an issue with me. My Costco allows guests to come in with members and my dad and I usually split up to get stuff done faster. I have never had them bother me but it is an issue that causes anxiety because my dad is often impossible to find when I need to find him. And of course I am completely tied to my parents (financially) and don't have my own Costco card. So if anything were to happen I would be kind of stuck in an awkward situation where I have no business being in there.

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Errr I dunno. Too many. I'm too emotional and triggered easily.

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Socializing with myself
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When I was a little kid the baby sitter accused me of skylarking in the pool. Her son told her that I jump in the pool, and some random girl at the pool accused me of kicking her in the face. The baby sitter told my mom that I don't know how to behave in the public? When it was the babysitter's son who jump on top of my face and kick a girl in the face. No matter how many times I tried speaking, the baby sitter out spoke me in front of my mother about the situation. I cried, because the babysitter refuses to allow me to speak for myself. My nose was so swollen after her son jump on top of my face. I've been put in these types of situation all my life, where people out spoke me. Not natural behavior.

Never had a career, never had an income, never had a girlfriend, regardless of how many times I tried. The people have the same mentality, perception and belief about me since I was a child. The people behavior and communication induces my social anxiety and depression.

The A.I Computers/NSA engineers use a computational intelligence system to design a mentality by translating key information/cryptographic keys into thoughts, logic, and emotions that are fake to manage humanity 24/7.
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