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Another aspect of him sleeping in there that's backwards and irritating is that one night when he fell in the hallway, I knew as soon as I opened my door that something had happened because I COULD ACTUALLY SEE HIM. If he falls in there somewhere in the dark you could walk right past him and not even know he's there. It's that damn dark in there. And you cannot tell them a damn thing. You tell them and they acknowledge it but it never registers and they just go on doing the same damn things like you never said it.

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Originally Posted by WillYouStopDave View Post
@either/or - If you're renting, you should start writing letters to the management. The only reason I haven't said anything to anyone about the noise above me is my parents own the condo and I do not want to get anything started with people I might have to put up with for years.

When we were renting we had some really rotten neighbors above us and I finally started writing letters. The way I sold it to the management was that we were quiet people who never caused any trouble and we had been there for years and we were going to move out if they didn't make them leave. It took 3 letters over the space of like 6 months but it worked. The management didn't know I was bluffing (My parents knew nothing about the letters).
I'd follow your advice if I lived in a big corporate owned building and I could just shoot off an email to the building manager or something but unfortunately this particular tenant and the landlord who owns the building are buddy buddy. The woman's been in the building for years and I guess knows the landlord real well.

And also, as annoying as she is, she's also basically a nice person. I mean she's super nice to me when we talk. Once she offered to help me when my car died out in front of the building. So she's not a jerk to me personally. She's just SO annoying and makes so much noise. But I don't want to move because the rent here is super cheap relative to similar apartments in my area.

Originally Posted by cafune View Post
lmfao you should pretend she intended for you to hear all those things and offer your input sometime. for example, 'oh hey i HEAR that furniture seems to be giving you some trouble; want some help?' or 'oh god i agree crystal was totally offbase with those comments she made about lizzy's weight yesterday; i feel you' and 'why is ryan so obsessed with you that he's sending you mail you need to change your address' and BAM problem solved. and bonus points if you speak these comments through your ceiling lol
haha, trust me, if I wasn't an anxious avoidant mess I'd have done all of that a long time ago. She actually texted me once to apologize when something crashed super loud at like 1 AM and I wanted text back "how's roller derby practice going tonight AT 1 FREAKING AM?? but instead was like "no worries I wasn't asleep anyway." FML

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Again, it's always me that has to do all the housework. The laundry hamper overflowed so he just dumped his clothes on the floor outside the bathroom. I had to pick them up as part of a 3 load laundry day. The garbage is overflowing, the sink is overflowing, and he isn't even searching for work and just spending his time on games all day - for the past 9 months already!!!
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What annoys you about the people you're cohabiting with?

My bro has this idea that heís gonna teach me to be like him...but I donít care about learning to cook like a chef or trying to start a business or whatever other lessons he thinks I need & that he can force on me. Heís my bro but we are very different people & itís especially annoying when heís currently behind on his share of the bills
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