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Originally Posted by coeur_brise View Post
OP, this might be a terrible question to ask and I only ask because I'm maybe in the same situation, but are you afraid to leave this person because of the lack of social leaving,etcsupport? Or.. something along those lines (guilt over )? Hopefully you can gain some space soon and work things out and take care of yourselves.
It's not a terrible question. It's kind of complicated why I'm still here - It's a combination of many reasons I guess. I'd rather be living in my hometown but I have a terrible relationship with my parents, and can't stand being in the same city as them. I went back for 6 months and even though I wasn't living with them, I just felt consumed with anger.

I also thought I still loved him and we could be happy together, yadda yadda. And if I'm single, then the vultures come circling from back home again. My family never approved of me moving out and have talked down on me (for many reasons, again) - but they back off when I'm coupled.

I could simply just cut everyone out of my life, completely, and I have done that before. I always end up giving in and letting my parents speak to me again, and the cycle of bad feelings just continue on. It would be a lot easier if they moved overseas or something so they could be a world away, and I can move back home.

And with this pandemic going on, it isn't like I have many options. I don't want to move into a new place right now.

But I'll get off my soapbox now. If you don't mind me prying, what's the situation between you and your partner? I hope you are safe.
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how shes a hypocrite. how she doesn't acknowledge anything within the cohabitation that i do that she's not capable of. her lack of awareness and inability to see my own. a general lack of thinking outside one's self.
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My sister will fixate on one thing and that will be the only thing she talks about for weeks. She will literally ramble on forever about that one thing and nothing else until something new and shiny grabs her attention and then it will be that new thing that she won't shut up about.

If you try to talk to her about anything else, she will disregard whatever you say no matter how important and serious it is and just go right back to talking about the thing she's obsessed with.

She really has no idea what's going in my girlfriend and I's life because she doesn't listen or care. She just lives in her own little world. She's probably already forgotten that my girlfriend's stepdad recently committed suicide.
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Originally Posted by leaf in the wind View Post
Yes, and he doesn't care.

If I were to, god forbid, marry him and have a child - I would probably have to beg on my knees and cry for him to buy formula or diapers if we had run out. Or change a diaper.

And even then, I'd still probably wouldn't be able to convince him to lift a finger. That's the kind of guy I'm with.

I just like the song... and sometimes people like to listen to songs that might describe their situation.

The song actually reminds me of my previous relationship which ended about a year ago.

I hope it works out for you guys anyway though
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what annoys me is how they always need to dominate or be the most powerful one in a conversation, like they will be louder than you, talk more, always have the last say, always something to say in response to everything you say. So they are projecting their ego which wants to be the best. I heard from somewhere that the ego can bring you all the way to the top, but it is forced. True power comes from authenticity.

Remember, your views and what you have to say matter to others AND to yourself
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@leaf in the wind , at first I feel bad about complaining but realize Im probably dwelling on it a bit much. My situation is weird, i went from going in between two places to just being in one because the other place houses my hypochondriac brother who I love dearly but I should respect his space as he's probably right in ways and better off not sick, even if a bit paranoid.

I haven't moved into this place officially and to be honest, I'm most likely taking certain behaviors I would call being a "helicopter" all wrong and it's supposed to be their type of caring when I just want space. Its hard to take traditional roles and to try to squeeze them into a non-traditional place.
For ex, i told my guy jokingly that i needed a wife and he said, "What leave-it-to-beaver world are you coming from?" Im like... it makes sense, though. One person is working for most of the day, it's hard enough to work things out for yourself. Maybe he wouldn't like to be a wife, maybe i just need to make things more clear. Maybe expectations are destructive in this case. Either way, when you're around someone all the time, certainly all their negative behaviors take on a new color.. i dont have many friends. Ugh. That just may be the problem and introverts have a limit, even from the people they love most. Thanks for reading, i mostly just feel uncreative in this time and need healthy new outlets.
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I'm only sharing with my partner now and he's not terribly annoying (I think his worst habit is frying things in the middle of the night).

I've lived with a wide range of people in the past and the mess always bothered me the most. Tinned beans spilled in the recycling bin, piss on the bathroom floor, food left until it had maggots. That sort of thing.

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It sort of bothers me that I'm the only one who cleans the bathroom downstairs. I've also taken out the recycling the last four times, and I don't think my downstairs roommate has ever done that. But I don't mind either of these things too much, since it makes me feel responsible when I do them.

The main thing that bothers me is dishes, but if anything, I'm the one who's needed to shape up in that department. And I finally have...I've kept the kitchen consistently clean for the past month. The downstairs roommate has followed suit, so it's been much nicer down here. I've been meaning to pick some flowers and put them on the kitchen table.

On the other hand, he still has barely spoken to me since the quarantine started, or anyone else in the house, for that matter. It bothers me, but at this point there's nothing I can do about it, if he doesn't want to talk. I hear him talking and laughing in his room all the time, and he leaves the house a lot (presumably to see his girlfriend), so I know he's doing alright, but I feel happier when everyone's getting along well. I suppose with eight people in one house, problems like this are bound to come up at some point.

Things have started to feel better with my one other roommate, since we had the last house meeting. I've been much less preoccupied by that.

We had a barbecue last night, and I actually had a great time. I also went to another bonfire with two of my roommates a few nights ago, and that was fun too. All in all it feels like the tension in our house is starting to lift, which is a huge relief. I've been doing a lot of gardening in back and around the side of the house, so that's one way I feel like I'm contributing.

I'm enjoying living here again.

OK, so after writing this post I've decided that over the next day or two I'm going to clean the bathroom again and pick some flowers to put in a vase/cup, and hopefully get one of those trash cans with the swivel lids so we don't have to look at the trash in the bathroom (which I find gross). I think that'll make me feel better still.

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