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I think one common thing people with money who give a damn about how they dress is buying new clothes. Someone in the Hip hop crowd might buy thousands of white t-shirts for $20 or $30 each and wear 2 a day and then donate them or throw them out. Dame Dash was doing that and the Game the rapper, spent over 1 million on white t-shirts, the same crowd will spend a million or more on a sneaker collection.

Then Italians with money might buy suits and dress shoes, like John Gotti would wear only brand new suits, just worn one time.

Then you have the "punk" skateboard kids, who might buy hundreds of Vans sneakers and baggy skater pants, or hipsters might buy a lot of fedoras.

I just think with my lifestyle, and lack of social life, i don't have the energy or care enough to wear decent clothes or buy new clothes. The whole process sickens me.
It bores me and maddens me at the same time. I almost hate guys who have perfect haircuts and freshly pressed button down shirts and brand new khakis. Those types seem
to hate and judge me the most. Like i am supposed to care that you look like a J. Crew advertisement with your ridiculous Banana Republic/Gap/J. Crew look with the perfect hair and shave? Maybe I am the wacko for not dressing like that, i don't know.

It is weird though that I have some real idea that certain clothes look good on me, but I make absolutely zero effort to wear them, I am either rebellious or an idiot or lazy or something

With women, none of this really applies. I think some women look good in t-shirt and jeans, but i would not judge women's clothes the same way i would a guy for some reason.
But women who dress fancy like Prada or Gucci with the expensive handbag, i feel completely inferior to those women and wouldn't even be caught looking at them you know
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Steve Jobs always wore the same outfit, and as his name implied he had a job or two

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I have one main pair of trousers that I wear when I go out. Thats it.

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Originally Posted by sabbath9 View Post
Steve Jobs always wore the same outfit, and as his name implied he had a job or two
gives me hope

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I feel the clothes are kind of irrelevant. Reading your post and some of the comments (@Disheveled and Lost , I am looking at you), a lot of ideas about clothing are really just an expression of people's low self-esteem.

To me, it makes no difference if a person wears the same outfit 365 days a year, provided that they have a change and wash their clothes regularly. I used to look down on people who made an effort with their clothing, which was an expression of my own insecurities. I would gaffa tape my jeans and shoes, and feel superior because I "didn't care". I felt contempt for people who always had a fresh haircut or wore designer ****.

It really is not about the clothes, folks. Clothes are just a way you can express yourselves, and it can be fun. People who are really bothered how everyone else looks are just insecure themselves. Nevermind them, do your own thing. Wear the same overalls for a year or wear designer. Whatever you like.

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Originally Posted by Sweet&Sour View Post
Since I don't have a job then I only have a select few clothes and that makes it tough to want to leave the house and see people you know. Does anyone else relate?
I mean..this is serious for me. Way back when my anxiety was beginning to become problematic one of the major reasons that I didn't even want to go to church was because I always wore the same outfits and didn't have much of a variety..it then even became hard to go to certain stores where employees most likely could notice me wearing the same outfits..
Now its still a problem for me today as we basically only frequent one store for groceries and stuff..and I've coincidentally seen this same employee guy almost every single time I go there and I'm always wearing the same shoes and jeans and jacket..:+(
Its a motivator to get a job for sure but its hella depressing and difficult to deal with and its either feel ashamed or be stuck..
There are some people who have multiple copies of the same clothes. I'm like that. Black T shirt and Blue Jeans were pretty much all I wore. Every single day. I don't think people pay as much attention as you think they do. Unless the clothes look dirty or you have body odour. Most people don't really take notice.
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Yeah, I have considered updating my wardrobe. I sort of dress super casual and laid back as a comfort thing when I am able, but I am not sure that projects the right image that I should be going for. I have always thought men's clothing options aren't that great though. Most of the choices seem to be directed to either 15 years olds or 55 year olds. Women seem to have so many more alternatives.
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