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Was I targeted for human trafficking today? I CANNOT stop thinking about!!!

(Im a female in my 20s) Its really a pretty crazy story: today I was out for a walk, when I came across a guy who almost completely unresponsive passed out in the bushes. I was pretty sure he was just drunk/high but not wanting to be the person who walked right by and left a guy to die, I stuck around and called 911.

As I was on the phone with the 911 operator, I become vaguely aware of a man (and a woman in the passenger seat) driving up and talking to me.

He says, Hey I have something Important I want to ask you. Do you wanna come over to that parking lot so we can talk? And he points to a secluded lot behind a nearby gas station.

I was totally distracted and pre- occupied; so me, being my usual ADD unobservant self just told him just told him that I was busy. After all, its not every day you have to call 911 on an someone.

The guy then pulled into the lot and sat there and I kind of forgot about him. The 911 operator told me to look for the ambulance and flag them down, so I got really focused on that.

Then just as they were arriving the car pulls up and the guy asks me, Hey, how would you like to make a couple hundred dollars in one night? I just turned away, and didnt respond.

A couple seconds after he said that, the ambulance found us and 911 hung up. I snapped back to reality, and realized the guy was trying something sketchy, but I was already far away when I realized just how sketchy the situation may have been, and now I feel really stupid.

This seems like the classic stories you hear on the news. What could have happened to me if I said yes? I may potentially have been solicited for prostitution, at the very least. But what if I let a seriously bad individual get away? I literally had 911 ON THE PHONE, and his license plate RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES and I didnt say anything. Now I really feel like an idiot, and like total sh*t. Jesus, I tried to do my good deed...

The worst part is that because of my anxiety, I know Ill dwell on this forever.
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Sounds like that could have been a very dangerous situation - glad you didn't get hurt. That must have been scary.
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Yeah seems like a prostitution thing eek

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He was either going to solicit you or traffic you, probably the former. Either way, it's always a good idea for women to avoid creepy men like this.

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Recognize human trafficking:
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I don't think I'm insightful enough to properly gauge an accurate affirmation for what this was, but for one thing I am certain, that person was very, very sketchy.

I've never heard of nor have any reference for such a case where the service involved wasn't that type of workif you get my drift.

I don't even think people scout models in the states like they do in Japan, but I wouldn't know.

I think what you did was enough considering the situation. For one thing, I know I wouldn't have done what you did. So, if it's any consolation, you're a much braver person than I.

I don't know where this took place exactly but I'd imagine if they were as we suspect and still did what they did, they're likely to do it again. It all depends though. Also, I've been a shut-in for 12 years now, so go figure.

You shouldn't blame yourself for not doing more when you did more than most people likely did (or would have done). If anything, you avoided a rather potential, unfavorable confrontation.

It's good to hear nothing worse happened and hopefully the same will not repeat.

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It's amazing how often this happens in America, especially to younger girls. But in a way you can be thankful that you had to call 911 and was distracted. That drunk man basically saved your life.
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Trafficking doesn't mean sex slavery

People who want to be snuggled into other countries are also trafficked.

That said, definitely sounds like a desperate person trying to get laid. It's inconclusive if he was going to force you into sex slavery.

I'm glad you are alright. =)
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Wow. This is why i need a gun.

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Stay safe

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That sounds like a scary situation I'm sorry you had to go through that, but I wouldn't beat yourself up over not remembering his plates etc. the mind can shut down in response to stress & it seems you already had allot going on. Can't blame yourself for that.

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It does sound like it was some kind of sex thing. It was definitely smart to get away from them. It's really hard to say what they were up to. It probably still wouldn't hurt to make a police report about it. Even if you don't remember much about them or have an exact description of the car or anything. Just to let them know it happened and where it happened will give them enough information to know to be on the lookout.


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hm I may have witnessed something similar recently. I think I spooked them off though after approaching them on the sidewalk.
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Originally Posted by Reverie101 View Post
Wow. This is why i need a gun.
get a lightsaber

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Yup. They could have kidnapped and shipped you to another country to serve as a sex slave for oligarchs and political elite or maybe they just needed you to dig holes and plant trees. Get yourself a can of pepper spray, glock or a pitchfork.
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