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Got no mirrors in My house-for a reason.

Its a sad man who's living in his own skin and can't stand the company."
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This just f**ked my whole day up...apparently im uglier than I thought I am...I thought I was just semi-ugly but now I realize im FULL BLOWN UGLY....I think i'll eat a bullet for dinner tonight.
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Originally Posted by RyanAdams View Post
I think that's a beautiful photo...for what that's worth.
Thank you!!!
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Hi there.
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I had noticed this, with the ''true'' reflection I noticed my nose has a bump on the left side, my gumline is irregular making some teeth look smaller than the others, and my left eyebrow is closer to the eye than the right one.
It doesn't really matter, though, I can live with not being a looker. It's the SA...
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Im afraid to try this but im going to!

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Don't do the webcam thing.

It's always the most unflattering angle and everyone looks suicidal when they're staring at a laptop screen.
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IDGAF about physical appearance, and this does't help me see myself socially.

Mmm... Welcome to my humble chamber or as I call it, "The Lovenasium.
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A part of me wants to know what i really look like. But another part of me says that's a bad idea lol. My self-image is already horrible, i don't know if i can handle more self loathing. But thanks for the tip haha
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Originally Posted by AbsurdistMalarky View Post
Don't do the webcam thing.

It's always the most unflattering angle and everyone looks suicidal when they're staring at a laptop screen.
lol so funny/true

Um, well, I may be shy but where did you get your personality... from the... toilet store?!?
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Unless you have a very asymmetric face is there really any difference?
If you're unattractive in a normal mirror, flipping the image around wont change much unfortunately.
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I look differently in every mirror I look into depending on the lighting. I shudder some of the time and delude myself at other times.
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It won't let me directly quote you, Likeaspacemonkey.




Yeah everyone goes through this at some point, but if you think about it like for two seconds you realize it's the same. If you'd always seen your "real" image in the mirror, if you saw your "flipped" version you'd feel the same. It doesn't mean ****, dudes. They see the same they've always seen.

I'm making a point in my messy way. I don't feel like explaining it more clearly, to lazy. If you understand what I mean, great!
But anyway, I feel the same. I see my face in a picture and while it might look a bit different from the way it looks in a mirror due to the reversal, it's not like it looks HUGELY different, it's just...you know, reversed. So why people are seeing something vastly different here is kind of beyond my understanding. But maybe that's just me.

And yes, the people around us aren't seeing us differently at all, they aren't seeing some hideous reversed image, they're seeing us the way they've always seen us!

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Originally Posted by CleverCabbage View Post
This is not entirely true.

As a guy with pretty bad BDD, I've been obsessed with this phenomenon for a while, and I've done some digging around. The flipped image of what we see in the true mirror might be what others see: it's not what others perceive.

We always look at ourselves in the mirror, so our brain has grown accustomed to the mirrored version of our face. Human faces are never perfectly symmetrical, but our brain filters these 'imperfections' out and tries to find symmetry. This doesn't just apply to our own appearance, but to the way in which we perceive the appearance of others as well. When we look at a flipped reflection in a true mirror, our brain sees something that it is not used to seeing. Even though we know it is our own reflection, it doesn't add up with what we remember. Therefore our brain will highlight the asymmetries or imperfections that neither we ourselves nor others would normally perceive. This is a psychological phenomenon called the 'Mere exposure effect', and has been researched numerous times in the past. This also explains why the majority of people dislike the way they look in pictures or on video. A simple way to confirm this is by having someone you're familiar with stand next to you in front of a mirror and look at their reflection. They will not look the same as you're used to, guaranteed.

In summary: I think the image that we see in a normal mirror is more accurate to the way others perceive us than what we see in a true mirror.
Thank you for that

Ppl just read this. Its just a brain effect.

If you look at others in the mirror they look ugly too.

3 time SAS poster of the month award winner.
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