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I just feel like venting for a bit.

I'm having another one of those days with a constant headache that won't go away. I woke up with it this morning and it's been there ever since. I've taken something a while ago but I don't really feel any better.

In general I suppose i really haven't been feeling all that well lately. I don't have much energy anymore and my mind is feeling so scattered.
I'll be going to see a doctor tomorrow to get a full check-up and to go over my list of ailments. I have a list of things that I want checked out, really. I'm starting to suspect I may have some sort of sleep apnea. I always have a hard time sleeping and rarely feel rested. I researched it a bit and the side-affects do seem to appear like what has been plaguing me. These issues have been getting worse as the years go by and they're pretty much weekly events now.

Anyway, on another venting note, I got to work register for a bit at work. I usually don't work register anymore since I have to oversee framing, but I switched with another person who had to have lunch and I really bored then. I haven't run register in nearly half a year but it came back to be quickly.
So it's just my luck i have to get the crazy customer for the day. So she's getting an art glass pendant that is like $3. She says it's supposed to be on sale according to ad. Okay, this isn't anything special so I just need to check the ad signage is correct(sometimes these things get out of place or people mis-read them) but she stops me and we just check the flyer we have. It's art glass beads, 2 for $5. Okay, then I just thought maybe the sale price only applied if you got two but she still disagreed with me. Okay, next step i just phone a manager and confirm it with them. They tell me it's only the beaded necklaces, not the pendants that are on sale. Okay, so I then explain that to her, but nooo... she's not satisfied and then starts accusing the store of false advertising and wants me to take it off. Okay fine, I'll get it off but one of the customer service people have to get it off for me since I don't have the authority to do so. I call one over but then she starts getting into a hissy fit and just demands I complete the transaction to just let her go. I tell it'll be off in just a moment, but she shoves the money in my face so I just go ahead and finish the transaction just as customer service comes over. She then goes off about about our "false" advertising and will never shop here again... I'm like fine, bye.
God, I was okay up to the point til she got into a hissy fit and shoved money in my face. I was on the verge of seriously cussing her out then. Stupid *****.
Anyway i suppose the managers got a laugh out of it when they heard. I hate dealing with crazy people like that. Leaves me so rattled.
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Re: Venting

Headaches are signs from your body to tell you something is physically not going right in your body. Dehydration, maybe.

Not much to do with crazy people, especially with SA. But, you could practise at confronting them and making them realise their behaviour is crazy. After all, they're insane, just laugh and enjoy their craziness.

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