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Unique Problem

Hello I am a 16 year old extrovert with autism. My problem isn't a typical problem it starts in first year (for you americans first year is typically the year of kids aged 12-13. We don't have middle school so theres only primary and secondary school) My parents told me that some girl said I called her names which I didn't and I have no idea who that person was becuase they were anonimous. This resulted in me being banned from big breaks which lasted 1 hour. Due to me having autism I was given an SNA who sits next to me every class. I was never allowed to go to any social functions becuase I never went a friends despite me explaining to my parents that my classmates were there. At the end of third year (14-15) I was given a choice between doing ty which is a year that does social activities and field trips or fifth year which is bacially the start of the last year years of secondary/high school. I choose ty and watched in horror all my friends were accepted except for me. The guidance counselor said he did it because it would have been too much of a change of routine for me. Another thing my school did was when I choose my subjects for fifth and sixth year and went to those class the next summer my SNA after just one class of phsyics told my principal to drop me out of the class in exchange for a home work class which is where I sit in the lunch room supervised by my SNA and do home work for other subjects. I never had a say in this and my parents supported the school side. Whenever me and my SNA disagree on something if I don't cave in to her then I'll get suspend. Two months ago I planned on doing school sponsored work experience in the vet but the school told my dad who wanted to know when the work experience started that I should do this project thingy instead of work experience purely becuase the school said so. He doesn't even know what it ****ing is and today I was denied permission to go to an 18th.
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I'm not sure how things work there but you could write a letter the superintendent of your school district. Write a letter about your concerns and make sure it sounds clear, educated, and relevant. You want to show you are a very capable student who has ambitions and that the way you are being handled is holding you back from your successful potential as a young blooming person.

I haven't been in your position so I'm not sure what you could do.

Your school and SNA (from what you wrote I know what she basically does but have no idea what it means) think they know what is best for you. Your parents aren't sure either so they think that the school and SNA know what is best for you. I'm pretty sure they are not trying to make it difficult for you, they are trying to make it easier for you because they don't want you to experience complicated or difficult situations.

That's why if your school and SNA are not listening to your needs you should express yourself to a person in a higher rank. If the superintendent dismisses your concerns and you are really passionate about this injustice you could write a letter to a place that publishes local news or similar.
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Sorry to hear about your situation. It sucks when life is unfair like that but unfortunately thats just the way life is, many unfair things happen and we dont like it but we cant change what life is. Keep goig on in life and some day you will have more opportunities to do the things you want, whether its in college or highschool or work.
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I don't understand what's going on and stuff...

But it sounds like they are denying you opportunities to learn social skill... you need more not less.

They're *******s. Whether or not they're doing it with good intentions, right or wrong, you should have some free will and basic rights... Well, you'll be an adult someday... so not as much as their mercy...

But society discriminate at any opportunity.

Feel free to tell them "How the hell do you expect me to catch up to people who aren't autistic if you deny me the right to try and learn!!!"

Prejudices make people think that they can't talk, so if you say something they might fall off their chairs...

I had a kid tell my mom that I've been screaming and causing trouble at an activity... and my mother believed them... but I was in the hospital that day...

She didn't ask you to stop calling her names... so I suspect sabotage to get rid of someone unusual that makes her feel uncomfortable and she hates not knowing how to handle that...

People are *******s. Fight for your life... at least if you lose you'll have the satisfaction of not making it easy for them...

Feeling bad is a symptom of bad self care, not of being a bad person. Increase the vital nutrients that you need. Especially C, B and magnesium. Replace sugars, grains, corn, soy and chemicals by colorful vegetables, meats and fresh fats. They stabilize your blood sugar & mind. Get rid of toxic things & people. Take care, rest and you'll heal. Trust your body. Let your instincts guide you to safety. Tree Of Wolf ~
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@lotus Bloom
SNA means Special needs assistant. There's no superintendent in the Irish school system. Thanks for the advice.
@Tree of wolf
I can't imagine you would the Irish school system is very hard to explain but I think you at least the gest of it.
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I might actually might have a theory on what happened with the name thing. I think the smoker kids set me up because I threatened to tell on them. I recognised one of them and told my parents.
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