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One thing i've learnt in life is never trust anyone but yourself.

I've had people betray me for as long as i can remember,friends even family,i've come to learn that no one can be trusted,i feel alone because people have done nothing but be two faced behind my back.

I will never be able to trust anyone again.
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I am sorry you have been betrayed to the extent that you no longer feel you can trust anyone ever again. I trust very few people myself. I am grateful that i see a therapist - if anything i know i can trust them because they have an obligation to keep what i tell them private. I know that may seem like little consolation to some, but to me it provides me with some relief. I am able to express very personal issues with at least one person and not get paranoid about it being used against me in the near possible future.
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In my opinion, no trust to anyone is a paranoid and/or depressive thinking.
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Originally Posted by redkit
In my opinion, no trust to anyone is a paranoid and/or depressive thinking.
It may be very paranoid thinking. But if everyone in your life has betrayed you, it is very hard to trust anyone. I have an extremely hard time trusting people. I have learned the hard way not to.
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I don't trust myself
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I know the feeling Oh yea, and i have a hard time trusting myself too. But i've been told before that part of the problem is i don't put enough trust into other people.
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I don't trust anyone either. Funny thing is, I've never been betrayed.

I think my lack of trust has more to do with shutting out the world and less to do with the fear of betrayal.

Anyway, I hope you will meet someone you can learn to trust, missnat.
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I pretty much trust no-one.

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I have a lot of trust issues myself. The older I get, the more certain I am that most people cannot be trusted.
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