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Told my mom off?

So I am quite happy to help my family with chores, and I've helped my mom the most.

She has always been a bit bad with dealing with that, basically she EXPECTS you to help her rather than taking it as a privilege (I don't say you shouldn't want help, but not giving me **** every second I do work for you would be appreciated?)

So I finally got enough of it.

I've been living at her place due to corona (I have my own place, but it's in our country's capital which has most corona in the country, so since my studies are done online currently I've stayed with my parents).

Her house is heated with a fireplace, so i offered to carry the firewood into the carage (where she holds a part of it, so it's dry & easy to use).
She wanted we both do it.
So before we even started carrying, she started with stuff like "Oh do I have to do EVERYTHING around here" (wtf kind of a comment is that?)
and continued with the sort. I told her that I'll be happy to help her, but she needs to stop. I did this on two separate occasions.

After a while she started again, and kept going.
So I thought that's it.
I told her that I'll be happy to do it by myself, once she leaves (she was planning on going to their other place with my stepdad), but I wouldn't continue working with her as she was constantly berating me. As an example she started saying "how I broke that one door in that one room, tells how good care I take of things". I was 14 at the time and broke one of hte hinges of a wardrobe door due to being mad at my parents. (Like, 13-14 years ago..?)
I didn't provoke this; she just threw this like that..

So anyways, she aparrently thought she'll finish the job herself, good on her.

Whatchu think, should I have tried to discuss with her or did I react right?
I guess it's worth pointing out that there's a noice nuisance nearby which has caused her to not sleep properly; it might've played a part as to why she was like that. But even if that is the cause, I don't think I'm the outlet.

"If you need a safe space, see a therapist" - Jordan Peterson
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