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Tired of being tired

Everytime i try to initiate something new, I immediately become exhausted for no reason. I've had this desire to learn digital art for the past few years now, i even have a digital pen. Everytime i open the image editor and set up my pen, i immediately become exhausted and end up putting the pen down.

This also happens when i try to study, or learn something new from a course online.

Im honestly tired of this, and i just want my life to get better and have some sort of value in it.
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Why don't you try taking baby steps. For the first week just try to work on the project for like 10 mins a day. No more then 10 mins. Surely you can accomplish that no matter how tired you are. Then as you become more adept at what you're doing up it to 20 and then 30 mins, etc. I think you're becoming tired because you're overwhelmed. You're sitting there at minute 0 of the task at hand wondering how the hell are you going to get to minute 10,000. Well, you're not supposed to be thinking about the last step yet, you should be focused on the more immediate step and nothing else. As you gradually start to work through your project and see it coming together you will feel less and less overwhelmed and start to enjoy it.

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I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe try listening to some music to help keep you updated or to keep the motivation going. Also keep going. See the value in what you are about to do. Be inspired.

You can do it

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I find it easier to keep up with hobbies when taking a paid class with other people. For one, the financial aspect motivates me to go, otherwise it's wasted money. Also, having companionship is a motivational factor.
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Enjoy the journey and process and focus not so much on the end result. Have a vision of where you want to go but if you cant enjoy the journey, you won't reach your destination.

I have plans on developing android apps and iphone alpps and generate income from them. Im on my third app and still havent learned enough or have dedicated the time to really achieve this but I still enjoy sitting down and programming it.

Sometimes it feels like Im getting nowhere but when I look at all the stuff Ive done, there really is something there. I just got to stay consistent and really put more time. Just keep doing what you are doing. If you get tired, take a break, do something else and then go right back to it.

Like when I plan a day to continue to work on my apl, I will program for 2 hours and then plan to watch a show for one hour and then go right back. Usually it ends up being a 2 hour break lol but I still go back to it. Just take it one step at a time.

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