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Thereís a guy secretly taking pictures of me

Yup the title, let me explain this so you can understand.

I started on this new High School with new a new class and classmates. Turns out I knew a girl in there from the past and now we are together through most of the school time. This girl Iím with has other friends in my class that sheís known for the past school year. And we all meet each other and blah blah blah.

One week in and there are guys sitting beside me and this girl in lunch. The guys are watching memes on their phones and laughing. Actually one guy is showing two other guys whatís on his phone. And then there is this one guy taking his phone up to his chin. FRONT chin. While pretending to check what the other guy is showing on his phone. Like he has his phone not sideways chin, but front chin. Like heís secretly taking pictures of me that I do not want to be taken of. Back CAMERA faced DIRECTLY towards ME. I tried doing this with my phone and I was like ďbruh who does thatĒ. Also he tried to pretend to rub his chin with his phone, as if it was itchy on his phone so he used his phone to ďtakeĒ away the itchiness. If you didnít understand, I made an illustration to explain what happened. I canít write full link here, but just write imgur . com and copy paste this after /a/pYNCOsU

Of course Iím just accusing this, but Iím paranoid and just suspicious. I notice this guy have been wearing stuff that I usually wear like, collar shirts. He also mimic everything I do. Iím not sure if itís coincidental. In our first German class, we had a speed date with everyone in the class. So that we could get to know each other. And when it was my turn to ďdateĒ with him, I could see his hands were shaking and he would try to move to another position so that I wouldnít catch if he was nervous. This dude looks like human Ken doll lmao. But this is not only him who have been acting this way with me. Like plenty of other guys. They stare at me and I catch them, so they look away. Like there are some that are painfully obvious they are crushing on me, itís hilarious.

However the problem is that I donít want guys after me!! Like I canít say how many Iím sure is 100% crushing on me. There are just too many guys. Itís not okay lol. And also the guy Iím suspicious of taking picture of me just did the second time like that on me in another German class. Of course I havenít met and seen all the guys at my school. We are many there. And I feel like every week I notice a new guy staring at me.

Of course I can just yell out loud ďI want one hundred kids and Iím quirky!Ē to scare the guys away, but thatís not me? And Iím definitely not extroverted. I feel like these guys think Iím a popular/normal girl or whatever. But Iím not like that lol. Every time I enter German classroom, I can see all the boys are looking up at me and smiling or whatever. What do you think?
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You should tell someone. You could be wrong but if it is causing you distress, it is better to confront him in some fashion (and it's probably better if you have an authority figure do it for you than to try and do it yourself). This way you can move on and not waste your time and put yourself under stress worrying about it.

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