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Text Message

Hey guys. My mom has been trying to contact me, but she is an awful person. I was going to send her text saying these exact words "Give up, and set yourself free. I don't love you, and I want nothing to do with you. As soon as you accept this, you will be much happier." But then i stopped myself and decided not to say that because for some reason, i picture her having a mental breakdown over this. I dont want to become hateful like her or everyone else who has hurt me. But sometimes i wish to say what's on my mind. I'm typing this on social anxiety support because I want to tell someone with out hurting someone. Thanks for reading.
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If you're planning to indefinitely cut contact with her, you should send it.

If you're still planning to maintain a relationship with her, then you should refrain and maybe think it through first at least.

I think deep down, your fear of her having a mental breakdown might be your fear of how this will manifest to more headaches and problems for you down the road. Although if you're cutting contact with her, then this is moot.

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I don't know your situation so can't offer you any advice other than to say you should wait at least a week before you send a text that heavy. Just sit on it for a while and if you're still feeling the same in a week or two then maybe send it.

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Yeah don't send it, family is so important and cutting someone completely out is a huge deal.

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No. Do not send that to her. You'd probably regret it.
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What does your Mom want to say? You could send her something like "Hi Mom" to kind of get the feel of her mood. If she come off ugly or mean do not respond. You can wait some time to talk with her again. Time does heal you know.

Whatever your situation is with your Mom I am sorry to hear. You can show your Mom compassion from afar.{ By not responding.} It is good that you wish not to be hateful.

Try not to worry about your Mom. Sometimes parents need to learn a lesson too. The imagine of her breaking down it not good but if that is what she may possible feel then it shall be.

It is up to you.

Good Luck.

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do you really need to go the no contact route? are you ready to commit to it? you can always just pay lip service and stay away.

if you have troubles with her then you can't really rely on her behaviour. its up to you to decide what is appropriate and follow through with it.

if you just want to express yourself, i think you ought to think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. the whole "when you do X i feel Y" format is better for communication, and you can google other effective ways to express your feelings without destroying your relationship or embracing the drama.

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