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00michelle 06-18-2018 01:15 PM

Struggling to cope at work
I started working as a recruitment consultant. My dream job.
I feel I got lucky because the woman that interviewed me was really chatty and that allowed me to calm my nerves. She did 90% of the talking.
From then onn I was greatful because apart from my social anxiety, I do believe I am capable of doing a great job but the big problem is social anxiety limits me in so many ways.

There's 6 consultants in the office and I am not speaking to anyone. Hardly. I've just gone into my shell, I look at the computer screen and just do my job. They have conversations and I stare at the computer screen just getting on with my job but the catch is a big part of my job is socialising, being free to talk to people and selling to people. I feel like by now they all think im anti-social, but in reality I do want to talk to them and I wish I could be free. And the more I have excluded myself, the harder it is for me to say things to them. I think its so obvious i lack confidence and to be honest it really makes me feel sad at the end of the day when I go home feeling like I've made a further impression of who I am to people

I think social anxiety is probably my biggest issue as a person, its my biggest obstacle in life and everyone gets given their fair share of problems but mine is anxiety. Without it, I feel I'd be free.

What do I do? I sometimes feel like quitting my job and just going therapy maybe CBT first before working.

Ms kim 06-18-2018 01:52 PM

Do you say good morning to your coworkers when you enter the office?

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