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Social anxiety vs Social awkwardness

I feel like there's two groups of people with social anxiety. Those that are capable of having conversations with other people but their anxiety in social situations hold them back, and those that are socially awkward which thus escalades into social anxiety.

I feel like it's possible for the former to get treatment and get over their SA eventually, but the latter is pretty much impossible. How can I get over SA if literally every conversation I have beyond 1 minute is cringe worthy and awkward? Social skills are for the most part determined at a certain age and you're not going to get much better no matter how much you try to fake it. I've had this problem my whole life and haven't been able to make any friends, yet people try to feed me this false sense of hope that "I just have to put myself out there" when every time I do I want to die because of how awkward I am.
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Originally Posted by krizz View Post
How can I get over SA if literally every conversation I have beyond 1 minute is cringe worthy and awkward? much this....

Every time I open my mouth I just want to die. Seriously.
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Sometimes I watch other people and try to mimic them. From what I know social skills can be improved through the process of trial and improvement.

I do know where your coming from though, and I believe it's possible to get better because i've seen it happen. Social rejection is hard and life would be much easier if you could switch out your peers every few days or so.
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