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Social Anxiety Support?

Sorry to intrude on the mundane tranquility of this site but some things just need to be said...

Mostly everyone on this forum is suffering from a disorder that takes away the capability of having a voice in their everyday lives. It depressed them and makes them feel inferior to everyone around them. They wanted to know why this was so they researched themselves. They searched and searched until they ran across this site. They also come to find out that this site has a very active forum. O imagine the elated looks on their face when they saw people just like them all in one place. They found a place where they JUST might have a voice.

So they use that voice, and express their beliefs, frustrations, ideals, and opinions. How do you think they feel when their options mysteriously disappear, get locked from others responses, gets an infraction, or in some cases, they get banned, from a site where they thought they could finally express themselves in a place where they could actually, dare I say it, speak out?

The powers that be need to understand that people come to this site as a verbal and mental outlet where they can express their true thoughts and feelings. When you take that outlet away from them, they tend to get pretty ill-tempered, as you've seen already, and in most cases even more depressed. Yes, in some cases it is aprorprate to censors someones statements, but not all the time. If you're going to maintain a site dealing with social anxiety, an autocratic leadership surly is not, and never will be the correct way of doing so. Not everyone feels comfortable in a dictatorial environment.

This thread might get deleted right after I submit it, I might get yet another infraction, or might even get banned. Whatever may happen, I just wanted to speak my opinion about this forum when in reality, everything I just stated is pure fact.

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We have guidelines that they agreed to follow when they became members of the site. There are consequences for not following those guidelines.

It is ironic, how often one comes across an atheist with a "holier than thou" attitude.
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I have to agree with Crazy on this one. I was banned for 2 weeks awhile ago and it did no good for my emotional state and I think its safe to say my S.A. got worse becuase I couldn't express myself. **** I thought thats what the internet was for in the first place, being able to express ones self. Maby the Mods should have a little meeting and come up with new rules regarding ban's. Mod's have never been banned, they don't know how it feels.

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I don't know about your incident, but I think some rules while appearing to be restrictive, actually help in the long run. I can understand a website on mental disorders trying to make the place a comfortable environment for most people at the cost limiting a few people's free expression whom happen to have a higher tolerance or thicker skin for things said here.

You have to understand that as users, but not moderators, we only see one side of the coin. There's probably people here whom are so sensitive that just making a post is an accomplishment. Given the nature of the illnesses discussed here, there may even be people whom read something and then silently withdrawal from the site without any notice.

I'm not saying I like moderation, but I don't really see any other way. Unfortunately, given the nature of the visitors the moderators probably feel they need to limit the expression of a few people for the greater good.

Being a moderator is a thankless job. You're rarely praised for what you do, you only take criticism. Also the sense of authority that goes with the position probably makes them feel a bit estranged from being just a laid back member who can participate.

There have been some rules here that I felt were over restrictive when I got here. But I've come to appreciate them and see that they that while at one time they were restrictive to me, they've also been protective.
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This is a support website for people like us, but we have guidelines and rules to follow, if you don't like it, you don't have to be here. we don't have your arms tied up here.

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I think the mod's can be a little over-zealous at times too, but their responsibility is to keep this place free of certain things. They err on the side of caution and while it ****** me off too, get used to it or go somewhere else because it's not going to change.
My advice, use your free time, learn some computer languages, build a different SA forum..I'll be the first to join.
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