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Sister's fiance coming over who i ain't seen in ages

My sister is home from uni for a weekend, but has mostly come home to go to celebrate her fiance's belated birthday. They are having an belated birthday party at his parent's house. I thought I wouldn't see her fiance this weekend, I thought ah my sister will be round his house alot and I also won't see much of my sister (who I get anxious around)so I can be anxiety free all weekend. I thought she was going to his house today all day and at his house tonight for the party.

I was all anxiety free, til I've just found out this morning, he's coming over to our house first at 1 in afternoon to just see my sister and hang out with her then tonight, or a little later on they'll go to his house for the party. why does he have to come here first, when his party is at his house, not ours! why doesn't my sister go to his house now!

I want to be anxiety free today and i want it to be free from people i am not comfortable with over and now finding this out I am now very anxious. I haven't seen her fiance for agges! since way before Sept, coz he went back to uni and my sister went to her uni again after the Summer.
I get really anxious around people more when I haven't seen them in ages. And I don't get on with her fiance anyway, like we don't talk except say the occasional hi.

I have currently closed myself in my parents room. I can't go in my room because i share it with my sister and her and her fiance will be in there hanging out soon. I don't even wanna bring myself out of the room to go and just say hi and show myself to make it look like I ain't hiding from him.

I have been too comfortable these past few months since my sister has gone back to uni, which means I haven't seen her fiance either. I have been anxiety free, none of my sister's friends or fiance has been over. It's just been me and my parents...and the trademen doing our house but i don't get that anxious around then. I just have bad anxiety and issues when it comes to my sister's fiance and her friends coming over and my sister herself, more than anyone else.

When I found out my sister's fiance is coming over. I got all moody and said to my dad "why is Tim (my sister's fiances name) coming over?" and my dad was like "uhm...why is that a problem?" and "I was like "But why does he have to come here, why doesn't my sister go to his house now, because that's where his birthday celebrations are" and i was also like "You know I don't get on with Tim and with people I haven't seen in ages, they make me anxious." and my dad was like "Oh don't be ridicious (sp) i don't know why you have a problem with Tim coming over."
though my dad knows why, he just doesn't like to know I suffer from SA, he thinks it's ridicious.

there rant over lol
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