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Shut Up!

I went to watch Pirates today with my sister in the morning. The previews started and this lady walks in with like 5 kids. It looks like the youngest was 3. From the minute she walked in I knew I wasn't going to enjoy the movie. They sat at the very front. This little 3 year old boy stands up on the seat and starts yelling. The mom does nothing about it. Why take a 3 year old to watch a movie like Pirates of the Caribbean.

I tried to concentrate on the movie, but that little boy wouldn't shut up. I know it wasn't his fault because he doesn't know any better. I felt like standing up and telling the mom 'This is a movie theater, not a freakin playground'. Then the little boy starts running around, yelling. When I take my nieces and nephew, I make sure they stay very quite. Even thinking about telling her something made my chest hurt. Damn my SA . I guess I'll have to watch the movie again. Definitely going to the last showing.
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Yeah, that is real annoying. Kids should go to kids movies not tag along to adult movies. I guess you could have mentioned something to the management but that would have meant getting up and looking for someone when you should be able to watch your movie in peace.

I remember one time my husband and I went to the movies and we whispered something to each other when the previews started. This lady in front of us told us to "shut up!" My husband told her to "shut up".
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When I was about 12 or so, a friend and I went to a movie and we were told to shut up by two ladies sitting behind us. This was before the movie started so we had every right to be talking. About 20 minutes later, during the movie, one of these ladies whips out her cell phone and starts yacking loudly away. Idiots.
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I'm surprised there weren't ushers. Every movie I've ever been to in a theater there are usually ushers standing in the back watching for people causing distractions. The last time I was at a movie a girl in front of me put her feet up on the back of the seat in front of her. It wasn't more than a minute later and the usher came over and got after her.
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One of the reasons i'm sort of apprehensive about the cinemas is because i don't want people to spoil the effectiveness or tension of any film i go to see. Luckily it hasn't really happened when i go to see a movie. But i'd imagine i'd be really tee'd off.
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This lady was shouting at her kids, telling them where to sit during the previews. I was like Ah Crap. Seriously, they should stick with kid movies. The other reason I didn't say anything either is because my sister tells me about moms at her work. She works at Target and she always tells me about how pissed off the moms get when you ask the kids to not climb on the shopping carts.

There were actually 2 ushers that came in, but the little brat happened to be quite when they walked in lol. I hate when people use their cell phones during the movie. I almost walked out once when someone right next to me answered his cell. I would've, but he was my brother and my ride lol.
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I've been to the movies a couple of times with dumbass people bringing their babies with them. As in little people that can't talk, walk, and definitely can't watch and comprehend a movie. Of course their babies started crying...
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Originally Posted by tuna
I've been to the movies a couple of times with dumbass people bringing their babies with them. As in little people that can't talk, walk, and definitely can't watch and comprehend a movie. Of course their babies started crying...
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It's the demographic they're after.

I saw TWO movies this past weekend with my father, stepmother, and stepnephew (age 3). The first "Superman Returns" (great movie!) had the tyke mesmerized! He didn't move a muscle and followed the movie more than I did!

The other, "Cars" (this movie is CUTE - ka-chow!) - he wanted to leave two-thirds of the way through. It didn't exactly help to see that there was a little girl down the aisle dancing while the cars were racing. My stepmom joked that he was trying to make a move .

I told my dad that I didn't want kids. If I did, I would drive with my infant in my lap......just like Britney!

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That kind of stuff drives me crazy. If you can't keep your kid still don't go. I would never allow my niece to behave the way some kids do in theaters. First movie she ever went too was Hercules when she was 3 years old. Never moved out of her seat and if she had we would have gone home. End of story.
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Holy **** this annoys me to no end. Just shut the hell up and watch the movie. What's worse than babies and kids are teenagers whispering and talking about who said what when. You know, you can have this lovely conversation outside and save $12 at the same time.
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I hate when people have these, ridiculous, overblown reactions to everything happening in the movie. The loud, obnoxious laughing, intense crying, shouting and screaming when scared. I also hate when people are discussing possible outcomes of the movie. Just watch it dammit! I have gone to movies with people who insist on discussing everything that they think is going to happen next. So annoying. I love the people who bring their kids to some horror movie and are then shocked when their kid is scared and crying. What the hell did you expect!? And the parents who will tell their kids to cover their eyes or their ears for a certain part. What the hell is with these people? If the kid can't handle the movie, don't take them.
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Um, well, this past weekend I went with three friends and their little kids, a total of five kids to see Pirates. I didn't get to see much of the movie at all. I doubt anyone around us did either. There were lots of other kids there too and most were bored and disruptive. One of ours took off her shoes and then demanded that someone put them back on her. We also had a baby that cried and had to be taken out twice. I've seen the toys in stores to go with the Pirates movie but it really wasn't a little kid movie.

I also have a friend who is blind who likes to go to the movies but we have to tell her everything that happens. I'm sure the people around us want to strangle us everytime she goes to a movie.
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