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showing my picture changes the whole picture (LONG and STUPID)

listen, i played habbo hotel (LOL I KNOW RIGHT) for like 5 years since I was 13 or so, (i was going on it last week but now im done for sure). and i met so many cool people through out the years, i found the right people, we all shared the same interest in the game, everything was great. well 2 or 3 years later (now) those days are over, most of the people are gone (gotten older)

now the main reason why i went on the game so much was no only was it fun but half the reason was because this girl went on, we used to have so much good times, i would try my best to make the people laugh on that game and i did, i was good at making them go "LOL AND LMAO". i could tell that she enjoyed me the most out of everyone else too because she would always be happy when i came on ( i know this sounds stupid and it is whatever).

one of the main reasons maybe why we were so close was because she lived in the same city as me. so then about 1 year ago she moves to britain, big life change for her ( she probably wants to live there now), i seen on one of her pics she made a lot of cool friends there. since she was 8 hours ahead of us she barely got online the same times so thats when we disconnected.

now 1 year later shes back in my city, i was on msn and she was online and i was talking to her and i put a fake display image of a broke ******* on just to see what she would say when she said " is that you " and she didnt really care, so i just put my real display up and she invited another chick that we played with and they were just asking me what nationality i am and i told them,and then they were talking about the funny stuff we used to do then i said ill see you later, now no ones talking to me anymore.

listen i know maybe youre interested in white strong guys ( her display pics) (shes asian) but im not that much off ( im half white half spanish but my skin tone is still tan color) why have you done this to me, thats why i will never meet someone online in the internet again that i like and unless they see my picture! when we were close she used to say " I want to meet you, meet me at the mall, ill give you a big hug!" but i didnt want to because she didnt even know what i looked like, if she asked now i would go for it. she probably woudlnt ask me now after all the "hot" guys she met in the uk, and to be honest, i dont think im ugly

i know you might type " there are plenty of girls " i know that, THERES A LOT of girls out there, IN REAL LIFE, but i actually felt connected, like we shared something, i dont care if shes not the hottest girl in town, i guess she doesnt see that
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connection or no connection, if she was the right one for you it would have worked out. Thats all one really needs to be aware of when it comes the relationships
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Have experienced something similar. If your not that person's type then your not that person's type....

Do not seek your value in the perceptions of others

Perfection is a point of view
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