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scaredy cat falling through the sky

my sister wants to go skydiving for her birthday which is in like 6 or 7 days. Its going to be me my mom and my sister. I'm torn i want to go becuase i know that i will enjoy it but also just thinking about jumping out of a ****ing airplane makes me VERY VERY VERY VERY nervous. What happens on the way down I'll be ****ing freaking OUT what if i have a panic attack in mid air that would be the worst. I don't really wnat to do it I want to do it at another time when i'm more calm but my mom isnt doing it either and she isnt doing it because shes too afraid. I hate being like my mom (the scaredy cat) so im kind of doing it out of pride and also becuase i do think (know?) that i will enjoy it in the end. I have always been the kid who didnt skate in the middle of the ice skating rink because she was afraid the one who didnt want to jump in the cold water blabblababla the scaredy cat i hate that about myself and i torture myself over it i have been more adventurous lately but jumping out of a plane is scary. Has anyone here been skydiving?
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I don't even like to climb ladders. There is no way I would jump out of a plane. You couldn't even get me to get on a plane. Believe it or not I am almost 40 and never been on a plane, and don't plan on anytime soon.

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Its like a scary roller coaster, its terrifying, until you ride it, then its the funnest thing you've ever been on. You just have to force yourself to ride, or in this case jump.

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I think you should do it. I think on your way down you will probably be so overloaded with adrenaline that you won't even know what a panic attack is.
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I was at a waterpark where they have a lot of jumping rides. I jumped off a cliff of 3 stories into a pool of water. I tell you it was one of the worst feelings I ever had. Yet right before that i went down a straight vertical drop slide of 99 feet and because I breathed like a woman in labor I never felt a thing. At the other ride, I was wearing a shirt to not get burned I am pale, so the man sez no one can jump in with a shirt on and I forgot I was not wearing a bikini top when I removed my shirt and was wearing a see-through nylon bra drenched wet. So I just leaped off without starting a breathing pattern to block it for the first few seconds. I would not think of skydiving now. NOPE. I was at Mountain Creek park in vernon NJ before. In the 80s people died on their rides but they took those ones away. You can see in the link that Harold from Monk is a model and does the slide rides too or maybe he is faking it?

I wouldn't do it or feel bad about not doing it.
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Kitties aren't birds. Maybe your sister is a bird, and you are simply a kitty that will enjoy being in the plane as its like climbing a tree but not jumping.
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